Recap – 10th Annual Ladies Day At Berrics

Yesterday was an epic day at the 10th Annual Ladies Day at Berrics with Poseiden Foundation. Congrats to all the winners!
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Poseiden Foundation’s 10th Annual Ladies Day at The Berrics

The Poseiden Foundation is holding their 10th Annual Ladies Day at the Berrics next weekend! October 27 from 10am to 6pm!! Cash for best trick plus prizes! Email to RSVP Ladies-Day-2018-Save-the-Date-1

King of the Road- Season 3 Webisode 6

This year King of the Road has not disappointed. Top notch shredding, gnarly bails, and crazy stunts all full force by some of todays top riders. With powerhouses Zion Wright, Evan Smith, Kyle Walker, Nyjah Huston, Mason Silva, Cole Wilson and more it is hard to foresee who will be crowned the next King of the Road. Tell us who your favorite riders are and your team pick for KOTR this year in the comment section below.

SK8 KAMP Burning Man Kickstarter 2015 – Black Rock City Skatepark!

SK8 KAMP Burning Man Kickstarter 2015 is live! Support a Skate Park on The Playa in Black Rock City!

SK8 KAMP 2015 Kickstarter is Live! Go go backers gooooooooooo! SK8 KAMP is a skater’s dream and without a doubt one of the best skateboarding Kickstarters of the year. Each year at Burning Man a crew of crazed skaters takes a working skatepark they built out to the desert for some seriously dustblasted sessions. The effort is enormous and the results are always impressive, even if you aren’t seeking your skating spirit animal out at the burn. Check the SK8 KAMP 2014 Montage highlight reel to see footie from last year’s skatepark along with some of the black & blue ribbon winners from the infamous SK8 KAMP bruise count.

Now You Have SK8 KAMP FOMO, There Is Only 1 Cure

Now that you’ve seen SK8 KAMP (and backed? you backed it right? GO BACK IT AND COME BACK) you have have a serious problem: you need everything about the SK8 KAMP 2015 Skatepark in your life. But since you already backed it you know there is a cure for your hardcore FOMO and that is the ridiculous prize for the $100 package that only SK8 KAMP can do. For the small price of those one hundred dollars the SK8 KAMP 2015 Team is letting people fulfill their ultimate fantasy of living within a skatepark by letting people squat overnight under their work. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.

How Do I Know Its Real and Not Just Existing In An Existential Burning Man Dreamscape?

We know it seems like a group hallucination but you’re not crazy and its definitely real. The meticulous injury count over the past 5 years as SK8 KAMP has grown is a testament the reality of bailing in the desert. And we quote:

“Here’s an injury count from our previous years (don’t worry, we take good care of our injured Sk8ers with our Kamp wheel chair and ice packs):
2011 – 1 throat hit/injured by skateboard, 1 lip split open, 3 sprained ankles, 232 bruises
2012 – 1 broken arm, 1 injured shoulder, 1 broken leg, 543 bruises
2013 – 1 broken arm, 3 twisted ankles, 367 bruises
2014 – 1 broken arm, 1 sprained ankle, 1 sliced lip, 162 bruises (we’re way down, what is happening here?)”

SK8 KAMP Bruise 2015 - Unicorns Are Real
Unicorns are real.

With such a huge decrease in bruises the SK8 KAMP team is funneling their extra ice pack money in to making sure things are extra crazy this year. They’re power packing along with DUSTFISH and Sextant camps to Voltron up and create DUSTFISH Village. Location is 6:30 & Esplanade near Center Camp and in the primetime zone. With such an epic camp comes a need for funds and SK8 KAMP is only asking for a small amount to make it happen. Every year they go to huge lengths to create the unicorn of skate parks and this year will be the biggest unicorn yet.

It’s Also Charity Bro

See because once they’re done they donate the features and obstacles and ramps and hopes and dreams to local parks. So you also directly benefit the community. Be like SK8 KAMP. Be a hero. Do the right thing and back their 2015 Kickstarter.

First day on the Internet? LINKS ARE HARD. Click here for the SK8 KAMP 2015 Skate Park at Burning Man Kickstarter! [CLICKCLICK]

Woohoo! We’re A Sponsor for the Skateboard Marathon!

Whatever Skateboards is an Official 2014 Skateboard Marathon Sponsor!

We just checked the Stoke Index and its off the charts: we’re on board as an official sponsor for this year’s skateboard marathon! The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon is a powerhouse skateboarding and longboarding event held near our HQ here in San Diego and this year we’re happy to announce our official sponsorship! Get your stoke on this year on Nov 30th, 2014 and ride with some of the best longboarding and endurance skateboarding champs.

Link Me!

BOOM: sponsor that skateboard marathon! Special thanks of course goes to our hosts the Adrenalina Skate Store here in San Diego for running this landmark event to bring all the best longboarders and skateboarders out for a great day.

How Do I Register For the 2014 Skateboard Marathon?

At the skateboard marathon website!

I Heard A Rumor That You…

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, (except this.) We can’t confirm or deny what’s been floating around as far as what our sponsorship means for race day and the after party but we are hoping to add a few new surprises to this year’s event… mwahahaha!

The 2014 Skateboard Marathon Is Nov 30th! Adrenalina and San Diego Team Up For Charity

2014 Skateboard Marathon is Nov 30th!

Its that time of the year to register for the Skateboard Marathon! Hosted in San Diego by our local San Diego legends and neighbors Adrenalina Skate Shop the Skateboard Marathon is one of the largest, oldest, and most definitive events in downhill, longboard, and endurance skateboarding. The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon is held yearly at event locations around the globe and this year its on our home turf in sunny San Diego, CA at Fiesta Island. That’s a quick boardwalk cruise from our Whatever HQ! This is a signature global longboarding event featuring world champs and some of the biggest names in skateboarding. Missed the link? Click here to check the site and register!

Check Out Vids From the 2013 Skateboard Marathon!

Wha-Wha-Whaaaaaat!? A Skateboard Marathon!?

That’s right, 26.2 miles of nothing but pushing wood. Notice most people are riding longboards, that’s a key difference when going for this kind of endurance skate. We’ve seen guys training around town for the past few weeks cruising by on cutouts and dropthroughs with giant wheels. How big? We stopped one guy training for the event on the street cruising on some 97mm! CRAZY. Expect to see some of the best in longboarding and some classic longboard and downhill skateboards at this event.

The Course: Fiesta Island

Fiesta Island is a go-to destination for massive outdoor sporting events in San Diego; its home to multiple races and world championships including the Over The Line world championship. The course is a nicely paved loop circling around island with awesome water views and some gorgeous scenery. Hey, its San Diego, did you expect anything less? Here’s the official map of the course, (the loop is ~4.3 miles):

Street League Super Crown 2014 Finals Vid – Nyjah Huston is a Beast

Nyjah Huston is the 2014 SL World Tour Champ Because He Is a Unstoppable

In case you don’t get Internet under your rock the Street League Super Crown wrapped up and Nyjah Huston continued his complete domination of everything to become World Champion. Here’s the Transworld vid of the final for you to watch which is basically 2:30 of some of the most hardcore competitive skating out there.

Kinda Expected It

It wasn’t a surpise Nyjah pulled off the win; based on his performance this year so far he went in to this thing as the expected #1 having crushed the top spot at his previous events this year. And seriously he’s been on the top of the skate scene for what is basically an eternity so we’re not surprised. Big wins like this keep solidifying him as the all-time top earner in the pros. If you’re still under that rock don’t forget that he’s 19, he’s just getting started on a long, long career. There was some sick competition nipping at his heels all the way up through the finals, which makes the victory and the crown even more impressive.

Still Under That Rock?

If you are legit under a rock then here is Nyjah Huston’s Fade to Black so you can rejoin humanity. If you aren’t under a rock here is Nyjah Huston’s Fade to Black again so you can watch the opening grind and get warm fuzzies.

SK8 KAMP Burning Man Kickstarter – Making a Skate Park on The Playa!

UPDATE: SK8 KAMP 2015 Kickstarter Is Live!

SK8 KAMP Needs SK8 Backers, Get a Skate Park Built At Burning Man!

SK8 KAMP Kickstarter is Live! Get on it! It’s well known fact we’re a huge fan of skate based Kickstarters around here and SK8 KAMP got on our radar from some of our fellow skate masters up the Bay Area (SF represent). What’s SK8 KAMP? A skate park at Burning Man. BOOM. MIND BLOWN. They’ve got some awesome rewards for backers but of course the most important reason to back rad ramps on The Playa is for some good old fashioned skate karma. Could a skatepark for BRC be any more awesome? WAIT…

IT GETS MORE AWESOME. They Donate Their Ramps!

Just when you thought you were going to max your skate karma points backing this beaut of a Kickstarter this concept you find out this has been going on for years and in the past they’ve donated the ramps to Town Park in Oakland! Yessssssssssssss. Shred & support, it doesn’t get any better than that. Even if you’re not going to Burning Man this is still a rad Kickstarter and deserves some serious backing.

Is This Legit?

YEP. The hosts of SK8 KAMP have been doing it for years. Any Kickstarter willing to outright list previous years injuries from skating is not screwing around. In case you didn’t catch some of that on their page:

“Here’s an injury count from our previous years (don’t worry, we take good care of our injured Sk8ers with our Kamp wheel chair and ice packs): 2011 – 1 throat hit/injured by skateboard, 1 lip split open, 3 sprained ankles, 232 bruises 2012 – 1 broken arm, 1 injured shoulder, 1 broken leg, 543 bruises 2013 – 1 broken arm, 3 twisted ankles, 367 bruises”

As you can see this operation is so legit they even budget for ice packs and wheelchairs. With your help and support this year they will even be able to shatter their all-time bruises record with more skates and more features. Even if it is a temporary sk8 oasis in the desert it seems like SK8 KAMP might be one of the best skateparks on Earth. Go forth and back it!


Missed the link? Click here to see the wonderful site that is the SK8 KAMP Burning Man skate park Kickstarter! Hurry before its too late!

Rewards, Coins, Challenges, Coupons, and Skatey Bird, Oh My!

Rewards! Coins! Challenges! Coupons! Birds!

What’s up with Whatever Skateboards? REWARDS. THAT’S WHAT’S UP. We’ve launched our latest feature and we’re sure you’re gonna love it. Instead of searching all over the ‘net to find some Whatever coupons you can easily earn them right here on our site and flap your way to victory. We try to make work as fun as possible and show love to everyone on our site, we hope you enjoy the new feature. Here’s the breakdown:


We wanted to open a section of the site that rewards you, (yes you), and that means giving you a way to get more cool Whatever Skateboards stuff for less $$$. We’ve broken the Rewards in to a few sections. The basics are your earn coins to get coupons. You can earn coins by completing Challenges, sharing Whatever with your friends, clicking your friends posts, and playing our little game called Skatey Bird (just like Flappy Bird). Earn coins, get rewards, that easy!


Earn ’em. Spend ’em. That easy. You can get 10 coins daily from the games and sharing with friends. There is no limit to the coins you can earn from Challenges each day.


The easiest way to earn coins is to complete Challenges. You can help out friends, play the game, make designs, or any number of challenges.

Skatey Bird

We liked Flappy Bird so much we made our own! Fly the skate through the pillars, every 5th pillar is a Whatever Coin! You can earn a max of 10 Coins a day from Skatey Bird.


Had enough Flappy Bird, er ummmm we mean Skatey Bird? Time to cash in those coins. The best rewards and coupons always cost the most points but they’re easy to achieve with a little hard work, some help from friends, and a very nimble bird on a skate. You can earn up to 15% OFF ANYTHING! Woo hoo! We’ll of course be adding more rewards, prizes, and coupons as we go along. Enjoy!

Click here to check out the new Rewards!

Happy Tony Hawk Day!

We’re a San Diego based company so today we’re celebrating Tony Hawk Day! In recognition of his philanthropic efforts the City of San Diego has declared today, May 29th, Tony Hawk Day. Tony Hawk has given San Diego one of the coolest skate parks evarrrrrrr and helped raise millions of $$$ for hundreds of other skate parks around the country. He’s taken taking skating to the next level… to the next level. As a legend in the sport and the most widely known name in skating Tony Hawk has done some amazing things and we’re stoked and thankful he’s an SD local.

To celebrate the awesomeness that is is Tony Hawk and Tony Hawk Day we’re giving 15% OFF EVERYTHING if you use the coupon code TONYHAWK so go design skate & celebrate!

Photographer Matt Rogers