About Whatever Skateboards

Whatever Skateboards in Pacific Beach / Mission Beach CA

About Us

We are a small group based in beautiful San Diego, California and we are dedicated to the passion. We have been dreaming of launching this website for years and finally made it a reality. We love skateboards. We love cool skateboards even more. We looked around everywhere for a site where we could put our own graphics on skate decks and we couldn’t find anything that really excited us.


There is just something awesome about designing your own deck and making an entire custom skateboard or custom longboard just for yourself. No labels, no brands, only your pictures and your design. So that’s why we’re here, we want you to be able to design Whatever the F You Want on not just any board shape, but awesome quality boards you will love. The first time you try it, you will be amazed how awesome a board can look with your own personal style on it – we definitely are.

Quality Boards

Our product is sourced from the finest rock hard Canadian maple with fiberglass layering added to our serious downhill boards for awesome responsiveness, flex, pop, and will never warp. We have been riding our custom longboards and custom skateboards every day to and from work for a long time now and it never gets old. We make sure everything about our boards are superior and test that daily. We guarantee no matter what you put on your custom skateboard deck you’ll love how it looks, and when you ride it you’ll love how it skates.

Web Technology

Our website technology is all powered by the incredible MyStyle Platform™ by One Giant Media. It is available for companies to use to power custom products, true web-to-print personalization, content management, SEO, ecommerce, blogging, sharing, and community all at once. Contact One Giant Media for more information. If it wasn’t for the MyStyle Platform this website simply wouldn’t be possible.

Business / Corporate Programs

We have excellent corporate and business programs for designing your own skateboard and pride ourselves on being able to deliver the exact designs and skateboards you want. From decorating the inside of a restaurant to a promotional event materials to prizes at sponsored skate events we’ve seen it all. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be in touch to help you directly.


We work with the top manufacturers to customize the best products available and stick by that commitment as our own customers. Our Whatever boards are manufactured in Canada and our Whatever SD boards are made in San Diego, California.

If you are a skateboard deck or skateboard accessory company please contact us as we are always interested in hearing about great, new products.