Return Policy

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your custom board, grip, or stickers. We are available by email to help you ensure you get the best possible quality that we can offer.

Custom Products Return Policy

(Custom Skateboards, Longboards & Grip)

All of our custom boards and grip tape are custom printed using your design. Because of this, we do not accept any returns and we do not provide any refunds for designs that are low resolution, have typos, have minor color or brightness or saturation shifts, or if you’ve changed your mind on the design. Our customer service department and design team is available to review your design before your purchase, please contact us if you have concerns about your print and we can pause your order while we sort it out with you. We can check resolution and proofread your design if you’d like at no additional cost. If you want our team to review your design, please email us a link to your design or your design number and we will take a look at it for you.

Orders that have already gone to production cannot be refunded. Usually orders are processed and released to production within 24 hours, or within 1 business day. Thus, if you cancel after this period and have not had your order put on Pause already, we most likely have already started producing it and cannot cancel your order.

Orders that are cancelled due to content policy violations, especially illegal copyrighted designs such as Supreme skateboards, Louis Vuitton skateboards, etc will be cancelled and issued store credit for the order. Any design that is flagged for pornography, copyright, excessive hate or violence, etc will be given a chance to replace the design with a new design, but if one is not provided, the order will be cancelled and refund will be issued in the form of store credit for the order.

If your order has already started processing but has not been produced yet, and you’d like to change the design, we may be available to change the design with a design-change fee (typically $20 but may vary based on complexity and what point it’s been stopped at). If you make an order that violates our terms and cancel after our 24 hour cancellation policy, the cancellation fee is $20 as we cannot re-use most of the materials used in your boards production. For more information on this, see our Terms & Conditions


Higher-Accuracy Color Profiles for Corporate and Brand Colors

No printer can ensure 100% color accuracy. We do the best we can to get as close as possible, but if you need your design to be exact in placement or color, without any standard minor color shifts that are inherent when going from Screen to Print or from Web to Print (from RGB to CMYK), please contact us BEFORE ordering and send us your design and your assets, and work with us to ensure your print files are compatible with our color profiles and printers for an accurate print. For example, if you need your company’s brand colors or logo to be an exact red or blue, we cannot ensure this with our web submissions and need you to submit your design to us to be examined against your exact brand color codes. To contact us directly, email

Ensuring Best Color and Crop Accuracy for Printing

You may use any RGB or CMYK images that you have the rights to or are royalty free when designing boards on our site. Some position, or color shifting may occur with both images and text, and is considered acceptable for minor shifts of design objects or their hues.

To minimize color shifts as best as possible, be sure to export or convert your images to CMYK color mode, otherwise slight color shifts should be expected with RGB. Color shifts are usually not dramatic from one hue to another, so “red” won’t turn “green” but rather shift slightly more “orange” or “pink”, for example. This can often occur the most noticeably with certain tertiary and off-standard hues turning a little more cyan, magenta, yellow, pink, purple, or orange depending on the format of your files and color profiles and which color channel in the color is exceeding the RGB range the most. Most images are RGB, especially digital images and web images, and should be expected to shift as they can look brighter and more saturated than is possible with any printed inks, so digital images should be converted to CMYK first to get a more accurate preview image. Otherwise, our printers will do their best to print your image but color shifting may occur, and if so, is not grounds for a refund unless the color shifts are really drastic beyond normal (for example if an entire ink channel was empty, which is rare, but can print an image without any yellows, for example). If that is the case, please provide photographs of your boards and we’ll compare to your submitted images to evaluate if the color shift was within the normal range for RGB to CMYK printing, or if it was worse because of a manufacturing defect.

For bulk orders, if color accuracy is important, please request that one board be printed and photographed for your review before the entire batch, as returns or reprints will not be possible after the prints are complete. Printing 1 is a surefire way to see the colors before committing an entire large run.

Damaged Shipments

During processing, shipping, and customs, occasionally boards will be damaged. We do inspect each board before it ships out to you. As soon as your order is received, please inspect the board for damages. You have 5 days from when the board was delivered to report any damage. If you do find any damage, please take a picture of the damage and packaging and send it to We will gladly replace any damaged boards. Otherwise, all custom sales are final.

Refund Request Process

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your custom print, or if your shipment was damaged, please send us an email with your order number, the reason you are not satisfied, and a photo of your print or shipment. We must receive this within 5 days from when your product was delivered. Once received, our customer service team will review the issue and accept on a case-by-case basis after verifying a manufacturing defect or damaged shipment.

All Refunds are in the form of store credit, not via original payment method. Store credit does not expire. All refunds will be less shipping, freight and handling costs incurred both directions. Refusal of Delivery: If an order is refused, the customer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs incurred, both directions. Incorrect Shipping Information: If a package is returned or additional fees are incurred due to an incorrect shipping address or phone number, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs incurred.

Thank You

Thank you for using Whatever Skateboards, and if you have additional questions about our policies, please email

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