Top Questions & Answers:

  1. When is my order shipping out?

    Read the info on the order status requests page and submit your request there: Request Order Status

  2. Is the graphic on the bottom or the top?

    Your design will be printed on the bottom of the board (wheels side), grip tape goes on top. If you want graphics on the top, try our custom grip tape!

  3. Who makes the designs that are saved on your site?

    The decks saved on our site are USER GENERATED, meaning they were probably designed by someone like you. These designs are saved to our public gallery but they are NOT guaranteed to be good resolution or within our copyright rules and regulations – they may or may not be, depending on what the original author designed. If you are interested in purchasing a previously made deck from our site, make sure it is with-in copyright laws and that it is good quality resolution. You can always contact us using our SUPPORT Portal if you are unsure. Please be aware that if you do purchase a user generated board, Whatever Skateboards is not responsible for low resolution prints.

  4. Why can’t I find my purchase on my CC statement?

    Note: Depending how you paid, your credit card statement may say our website technology partner’s name “MyStyle Custom Products”.

Order Processing & Shipping

  1. How long does an order take to process?

    Processing time for:

    • Custom Park Decks: 10-13 Business Days
    • Custom Longboard Decks: 2-8 Business Days
    • Custom Grip Tape: 5-12 Business Days
    • Note:  The date of your order counts as day zero/0

    • Shipping is between 2-6 days for domestic orders and 2-3 weeks for International orders. *Note: Additional delays may occur due to weather and / or peak shipping seasons

  2. I want to order a skateboard but I need it by a specific date. Can you guarantee that it will arrive by then?

    Please review our order processing times to get an idea of when the order will arrive based on your intended purchase date. Order processing times do not change as our products are custom made specifically for you once your order is submitted and the product/s take multiple days to produce. We cannot guarantee shipping delivery date as the shipping carrier may experience unexpected delays that are out of our control during the transport and delivery of your package.
    Please contact us via SUPPORT Portal with your order ID# & desired delivery date and we will check with our production team to see if it is feasible. If it is feasible, expedite fee and/or upgraded shipping charges may apply but we cannot guarantee shipping delivery date as the shipping carrier may experience unexpected delays that are out of our control during the transport and delivery of your package. In the case of refused delivery and/or returned packages due to failed delivery attempts, customer is responsible for all applicable shipping costs incurred as a result of the refused and/or returned package in both directions; all applicable expedite fees and/or upgraded shipping charges and product costs are non-refundable.

  3. Do You Have Expedited Shipping Options?

    We only offer expedited shipping on orders over $500. Which usually has an extra fee that will range with the size of the order.
    If you are planning on making an expedited order please contact us via our SUPPORT Portal (with your order number if you have already ordered) and the date you need it by for the fastest response time. If we are able to get you the board by the date requested, we will send you a PayPal invoice with the difference to upgrade, or an estimate if you have not ordered yet. Once paid, we will confirm with you that your order is expedited. We can also expedite shipping to 3-Day, 2-Day, or Overnight UPS shipping.

  4. I placed an order but haven’t received any order confirmation. Has my order gone through?

    Please make sure to check your spam folder for your confirmation email. If you still don’t see it, please contact us via our SUPPORT Portal. Let us know you placed an order and never received an order confirmation. We will look up your order and confirm it went through.

  5. I placed an order and I received a confirmation email. Now what?

    Your order is currently being processed. Shipping is through UPS and USPS in the United States and Canada and varies Internationally. Shipping within the United States is estimated between 2-6 days.*Note: Additional shipping delays may occur due to weather and / or shipping carrier staffing shortages as a result of the pandemic

  6. How much does shipping cost?

    Average shipping price for one deck is $14.99 within the United States. International prices vary and can be looked up upon checkout. There may be an additional import tax or customs charge which Whatever Skateboards does not cover and is the responsibility of the customer.

  7. Where can I check my tracking number?

    When you order is processed and ready to ship, you will automatically receive a tracking number with instructions on how to track your order. You are always welcome to email us and ask about the status of your order; however, all custom decks will take at least  2-5 weeks to process before we have a tracking number available to send you. *Additional delays and processing time during peak seasons.

  8. Products

  9. Does the deck I designed come as an assembled, complete skateboard? Or is it deck only?

    The default is deck only. However, you can add black grip tape only to your deck by editing the product options. Click the “Options” link on the product information page to see the list of upgrades. You will also be able to edit this in your shopping cart.

  10. Can I see photos of decks you’ve already done?

    Yes! Check out our Facebook album of Featured decks.
    You can find it here:

  11. How thick are the decks? What are they made of?

    All decks vary. When viewing a product, click the “Specifications” tab to view the specific details of that deck. All decks are made with high quality Canadian maple. Most decks are between 7-9 plys.

  12. Can I add grip tape to my board, and how much does it cost?

    Yes, you may add a black grip tape to your board – the cost is between $9.99 – $12.99. We will install black grip tape on whatever board you purchase. If you would like to receive it uninstalled, we can do that as well. Just make a comment in the notes when you checkout you do not want the grip tape installed. You can add this product to your cart here: grip tape link. *Note: custom griptape ships separately and comes uninstalled.

  13. What else do you sell?

    We sell accessories, apparel, grip tape, helmets, gloves, trucks, wheels, and tools. Visit our shop page to browse products by category.

  14. How are the boards made?

    Our Park decks and cruisers are made using a direct print heat transfer method and are matte.

  15. I found a board online that is cheaper. What’s the difference between yours and theirs?

    Most likely, a cheaper price = a cheaper made board. The main differences between our boards and the cheaper boards is the quality. Mainly, the decks are good wood. The quality of the wood and the quality of the print ensures a good quality board you’ll want to have for a long time. Our boards are made specially picked high quality wood to give you a solid board that can withstand a lot and perform well. Our process to create your custom board is lengthy and hand crafted. We will not just automatically take your order and let a machine do the rest. Our teams review every single order and produce every order.

  16. I’ve never heard of you guys. Are your boards quality?

    Yes! Our wood, process, and everything in between can be found here. Also, check out our testimonials page to see feedback from our other customers.

  17. What is your minimum order?

    There is NO minimum order. That means you can create a design and order it on just 1 board.

  18. Do you sell custom grip tape?

    Yes, we do! We sell longboard and shortboard custom grip tape. Design & purchase here.

  19. Wholesale & Bulk

  20. Can I purchase in bulk?

    Yes, please contact us with details of your order and a quote will be sent to you via email. Bulk discounts start at 12 decks. The current processing time for bulk orders is at least 5+ weeks.

  21. Designs & Resolution

  22. How do I Save a Design?

    To Save a Design, go to step 4 of the design process.  You will be prompted to enter your Email Address and Save the Design.  You will receive an email with a link to your design.  Using the link, you will be able to edit your design and send your order to cart.

  23. Can people see or take my design?

    It’s in your hands to choose whether or not someone can see and use your design. You have the option to mark your design as “private” or “public”.
    Private: no one can see your design besides you.
    Public: other users can find, view, edit, and purchase your design.

  24. How do I delete my designs?

    To mark your designs as private, follow these steps:

    1. 1) Open the email that says “Whatever Skateboards Skateboard Created!”
    2. 2) Click the link where it says “If you created a design but did not enter a password please reset your password to fully claim your account!”
    3. 3) If you are not logged in, you’ll see a box to enter your email address to receive a forgot password link. Enter your email and click “reset password”. From here, you’ll receive an email with a link to set up your password. If you are not logged in, when you click this link you’ll see 2 fields to enter a new password and confirm. Fill out both fields and click “reset password”.
    4. 4) You are now logged in. Move your mouse over the top right where you see “New User” or your name, and click “My Designs”.
    5. 5) Click the design you would like to make private.
    6. 6) Scroll down and in the middle box you will see “Access Level”. Click “Make Private” to make your design private.
  25. Is my image high enough resolution? How will I know if my design will come out blurry?

    We recommend using images that are at least 3000px by 3000px for optimal resolution. If the preview on screen is blurry, it will almost definitely be blurry when printed. If the preview on screen is questionable or slightly blurry, it most likely will be blurry when printed. If your image is clear and not blurry at all on screen, it probably will be OK. If you are unsure, you can always email us your image or design and have our design team double check your image before you use it. To check the image yourself, zoom in on the image until it is the size that it will be on the skateboard once printed. For example, if your image covers the entire width of the board, zoom in so the width of the board is 8″. Once printed, your image resolution will look closer to that preview.
    Please note that all custom sales are final and once submitted, your product is not returnable.

  26. Will my design be on the top or bottom of the board? Can I put it on either side?

    Your design will go on the bottom of the board. The top will be wood or have black grip tape installed if you add it on during purchase.  We also can print a custom design on grip tape for both longboards and skateboards.  If you purchase a custom deck and custom grip in the same transaction, they will still ship separately.

  27. Return Policy

  28. What is your return policy?

    Please view our return policy here: Return policy. Because all of our boards are custom made, we do not accept returns if your design is low resolution, has typos, or if you’ve changed your mind on the design. You can always email us to check your design, including print resolution, before you order. Email us a link to your design or your design number.

    While we inspect each board before it ships out to you, occasionally boards will be damaged during processing or shipping. When you receive your order, please inspect it to make sure it has your design and there are no damages. You have 5 days from when the board was delivered to report any damage. If you do find any damage, please take a picture and attach it with a new Support Ticket in our SUPPORT Portal. Our team will review the on a case-by-case basis and we will gladly replace any eligbile damaged boards. Otherwise, all custom sales are final.

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of your custom print, please send us an email with your order number, the reason you are not satisfied, and a photo of your print. We must receive this within 5 days from when your product was delivered. Once received, our customer service team will review the issue and accepted on a case by case basis.

    All sales are final.

  29. General

  30. My question wasn’t answered. Who can I contact?

    You can contact us anytime thru our SUPPORT Portal online.  If you are contacting us about an order, please include your order number and what you are contacting us about in the subject line. If you are looking for a status update on your order, please use this page: Request Order Status