SK8 KAMP 2015 Kickstarter Is Live!

SK8 KAMP Needs SK8 Backers, Get a Skate Park Built At Burning Man!

SK8 KAMP Kickstarter is Live! Get on it! It’s well known fact we’re a huge fan of skate based Kickstarters around here and SK8 KAMP got on our radar from some of our fellow skate masters up the Bay Area (SF represent). What’s SK8 KAMP? A skate park at Burning Man. BOOM. MIND BLOWN. They’ve got some awesome rewards for backers but of course the most important reason to back rad ramps on The Playa is for some good old fashioned skate karma. Could a skatepark for BRC be any more awesome? WAIT…

IT GETS MORE AWESOME. They Donate Their Ramps!

Just when you thought you were going to max your skate karma points backing this beaut of a Kickstarter this concept you find out this has been going on for years and in the past they’ve donated the ramps to Town Park in Oakland! Yessssssssssssss. Shred & support, it doesn’t get any better than that. Even if you’re not going to Burning Man this is still a rad Kickstarter and deserves some serious backing.

Is This Legit?

YEP. The hosts of SK8 KAMP have been doing it for years. Any Kickstarter willing to outright list previous years injuries from skating is not screwing around. In case you didn’t catch some of that on their page:

“Here’s an injury count from our previous years (don’t worry, we take good care of our injured Sk8ers with our Kamp wheel chair and ice packs):
2011 – 1 throat hit/injured by skateboard, 1 lip split open, 3 sprained ankles, 232 bruises
2012 – 1 broken arm, 1 injured shoulder, 1 broken leg, 543 bruises
2013 – 1 broken arm, 3 twisted ankles, 367 bruises”

As you can see this operation is so legit they even budget for ice packs and wheelchairs. With your help and support this year they will even be able to shatter their all-time bruises record with more skates and more features. Even if it is a temporary sk8 oasis in the desert it seems like SK8 KAMP might be one of the best skateparks on Earth. Go forth and back it!


Missed the link? Click here to see the wonderful site that is the SK8 KAMP Burning Man skate park Kickstarter! Hurry before its too late!

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