Customize your longboard top & bottom and cruise in style!


Design Your Own Custom Longboard

LONGBOARDS ARE BACK!  FINALLY our supply chain shortages are coming to an end.  It’s been way too long but we once again have our high quality Canadian Maple longboards back in stock.  Design yours today while supplies last!


We have the same wood we’ve always had – 100% Canadian Maple.  This ensures nice responsiveness that holds it’s shape, rides great, won’t warp or break easily, and lasts a very long time.


Check back often as our inventory will be changing over the next few months with new and old shapes and sizes.   If you see a board you like, get it while it lasts.  The pandemic has made it tough to keep boards in stock, especially popular sizes. If there’s a shape we don’t have yet, please let us know and we’ll try to get it.

Add Grip Tape

Also, when you customize your longboard, we highly recommend you double the awesomeness with custom grip tape!  Standing on top of your custom design is super fun seeing your custom graphics every time you look down!


Custom Boards Made from Good Wood

Custom Longboard Grip Tape

Some people have told us they love their custom grip tape  even more than customizing the graphic on the bottom of the deck, because they see it while they ride (and almost nobody is doing kick flips on longboards).  Plus, you can put custom grip tape on any longboard, even one you already have.

Plan for Your Board Size

Our grip tape for longboards is 11×45 inches.  When you apply it, you will cut off the excess.  So when you customize a  grip tape for your longboard, measure your board first or look up it’s size, and compare that to our grip tape, so you know about how much will be on the board, and how much will be cut off.

High Quality Grip Tape

Our grip tape is Jessup – the original and most widely used grip tape on the market.  The grip is just about the right coarseness and will last for many, many years.

High Quality Inks Won’t Rub Off

Our inks are high quality made to be permanent and last the lifetime of the grip tape.  The print will NOT rub off.  We have some custom grip tapes in-house that are literally 10 years old and STILL look great.