Cruise in style with a customized longboard.

Customize Your Longboard
with Custom Grip Tape

Because of supply chain issues, our longboard decks are currently out of stock.

…But don’t worry! 
You can still customize your favorite longboards with an awesome custom grip tape! 

In fact, some say that custom grip is even better than customizing the graphic on the bottom, because you see it while you ride (and nobody is doing kick flips on longboards), and you can put it on any longboard.

Plan for Your Board Size

Our grip tape for longboards is 11×45 inches.  When you apply it, you will cut off the excess.  So when you do customize a grip tape for your longboard, measure your board first or look up it’s size, and compare that to our grip tape, so you know about how much will be on the board, and how much will be cut off.