Rewards! Coins! Challenges! Coupons! Birds!

What’s up with Whatever Skateboards? REWARDS. THAT’S WHAT’S UP. We’ve launched our latest feature and we’re sure you’re gonna love it. Instead of searching all over the ‘net to find some Whatever coupons you can easily earn them right here on our site and flap your way to victory. We try to make work as fun as possible and show love to everyone on our site, we hope you enjoy the new feature. Here’s the breakdown:


We wanted to open a section of the site that rewards you, (yes you), and that means giving you a way to get more cool Whatever Skateboards stuff for less $$$. We’ve broken the Rewards in to a few sections. The basics are your earn coins to get coupons. You can earn coins by completing Challenges, sharing Whatever with your friends, clicking your friends posts, and playing our little game called Skatey Bird (just like Flappy Bird). Earn coins, get rewards, that easy!


Earn ’em. Spend ’em. That easy. You can get 10 coins daily from the games and sharing with friends. There is no limit to the coins you can earn from Challenges each day.


The easiest way to earn coins is to complete Challenges. You can help out friends, play the game, make designs, or any number of challenges.

Skatey Bird

We liked Flappy Bird so much we made our own! Fly the skate through the pillars, every 5th pillar is a Whatever Coin! You can earn a max of 10 Coins a day from Skatey Bird.


Had enough Flappy Bird, er ummmm we mean Skatey Bird? Time to cash in those coins. The best rewards and coupons always cost the most points but they’re easy to achieve with a little hard work, some help from friends, and a very nimble bird on a skate. You can earn up to 15% OFF ANYTHING! Woo hoo! We’ll of course be adding more rewards, prizes, and coupons as we go along. Enjoy!

Click here to check out the new Rewards!

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