If you downhill at all, even casually, you’re going to get tingles when you watch Liam Morgan SHRED this hill in So Cal (in Laguna, I think).

Talk about balls. He makes it look easy but it’s not at all. This hill is gnarly! Not to mention he bombs into these corners so fast with traffic possibly coming head on, and rips some slides so well and confidently you can tell he’s a pro. Do not try this at home. Unless of course, you’re Liam Morgan.

Gear Up to Slide Your Downhill Longboard with Slide Wheels</2>

If you want to learn to slide downhill longboards make sure you do it safely. First, pick up a pair of slide gloves, a nice helmet, some pads, and some slide wheels from our online shop. GEAR UP because you’re going to fall at least a few times! It’s easy to slide out onto your butt if you lean too much. Generally, you want a nice long board for a wide balanced stance but not so long that you can’t maneuver it (I like a 36″-39″ range, shorter for street, longer for downhill). Gas pedals (the spots where the board juts out along the toe and heel) help you get that little bit extra torque pushing your weight deeper in the turn to get it to slide. Of course, a nice deep concave is nice to sink your feet down into the board and get as much grip as possible.

Design Your Own Custom Longboard and Slide in Style!

It depends if you want more street or downhill style boards, but for me (I like a little of both), we have a selection I know you’ll enjoy at whatever skateboards.


Pick up your custom deck and get shreddin’!

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