Looking for a Gift for a Longboarder

If you have a friend, child, or a special someone that is always cruising around town on their longboard, then you have come to the right place for the ultimate longboard gift! Our site allows you to design a personal gift by uploading images and using our online tool to create an awesome custom longboard. We also have the option of gift cards if you know that longboarder that is also into art and creating their own designs. Now that is a perfect gift! Along with custom longboards, we have a wide selection of trucks, wheels, and griptape to choose from. A new feature that we have recently added is our custom grip tape. Not only can you design the bottom of the board, you can also customize the design on the top too.

Fresh Custom Longboards

Our boards are hand crafted out of fresh Canadian wood. Each board is given special attention as our team members work carefully with each piece to create unique boards. The feeling that a longboarder gets when they ride a brand new custom longboard is the ultimate gift for any longboarder! Our boards are one of a kind and you can tell by the detail and care that is put into crafting each one. We believe that longboarding is an art and that our boards should be works of art too!

Custom Griptape

Our custom griptape is a new feature that has been recently added to our collection. This feature will definitely make any longboard stand out as it is customized from the bottom to the top! With our customizer tool, you can also add images and font to the grip tape. Ultimately, you can create griptape with any color and design. This can make for a really unique design and look to any custom longboard.

custom longboard

custom longboard

custom longboard

Design The Ultimate Longboard Gift!

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