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If you’ve ordered a board from us, let us know how awesome it is! We want hear YOUR reviews of Whatever Skateboards to know if you are as stoked as we are about your new custom board. Email us at contact@whateverskateboards.com to submit a testimonial! And check back to this page because it might be added to the website!

Direct Reviews from our Customers:

“Just got the custom deck i ordered for my friend, It looks unbelievable! It came out great, y’all did such a fantastic job. Absolutely blown away, I cant wait to see my friends reaction when he sees it!”
Tristan, New Jersey
Park Skateboard 7 7/8 x 31 5/8

“I just received my board today and I wanted to say that it is un-freakin-believable!!!! It came out 500% better than I would have ever expected. It is flawless!! It’s so beautiful, I almost don’t want to ride it. I guess I will have to order another one just to hang on the wall. I will never order another board from anywhere else ! Thanks guys. (It arrived sooner than I expected as well!)”
Eugene, Florida

Custom Park Board

“My husband absolutely loved his skateboard. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again in the future. I would be happy to help spread the word. Great products!!”
Karen, California

Custom Park Board

“This board was the most beautiful thing I have ever had. I will never buy a board from any one else but you.”
Aries, Florida

Custom Park Board

“I just received the long board I ordered for my daughter for Christmas. And I was sort of weary about ordering one online. But upon opening it, I was estatic. It came out perfect and better than I ever would have expected. Thank you for the greatest Christmas gift I could ever give. You guys are awesome.”

“MY LONGBOARD CAME! It’s honestly better than I expected. The wood seems quality and the image isn’t peeling off (which i was afraid of having never ordered from here). I also got it around two weeks from when I ordered. Way faster than I expected. It seriously rides like butter! So smooth. I live in the San Fernando Valley in La and so far I’ve been able to cruise around with no problem. It glides over cracks and small rises in the concrete. I’m really super happy with this purchase. I’ll be recommending Whatever skateboard if anybody asks me. Also be purchasing a board for my boyfriend in the near future and definitely be using them! My only issue I have is that I couldn’t find you guys on yelp to give you a proper 5 star review so if you don’t have a yelp account, make one! Thank you guys again!”
Gabriel, California
Custom Gnarliest 40

“Thank You!!! My son LOVES the New board!!”
Annett, Florida
Custom Carerra Skateboard

“I just received my custom longboad and I just wanted to say that I am 110% satisfied with it. You guys did amazing work and it came out better than I ever could have imagined. I have been telling all of my longboarding friends to use your site and I will definitely be back to make another board. Thank you!!”
Tom, New York
Gnarliest 40

“I just got my board. It is awesome. Thank you! :-)”
Laurence, Ontario, Canada

“First of all, when I saw the print I was floored by how awesome it looks. On-screen doesn’t do it any justice compared to how DOPE it looks in real life. Second, the board ride is so butter that I ride this board to work every day and I take it out on the weekends, too. The stock wheels and trucks that came with it are great for all around town, as is the twin kicktails, a total hybrid board like I’ve never had before, rides like a longboard at 35″. I have 3 other boards, but this is the one I ride every day. BECAUSE IT’S THE BEST!”
Sean, California
Gnarlier 38

“The board arrived today, safe and sound. It looks great, I would just like to thank you for your help and assistance during this process! Thank you so much!
Hope to use Whatever Skateboards again in future and I will be sure to recommend.”
Tanya, Australia
Custom size International order

“The board is ridiculous!! Thanks again for getting this done. “
Clark, Maryland

“Love my new board! The nose and tail are large enough you can actually get up on them but there
is still enough wood to do some serious downhill runs…a perfect all-around town board. Thank you!”
Joey, Pennsylvania
Perfecto 39

“It was far out seeing my own art on the bottom of a sick downhill team board resting on 43• Paris trucks and rad advantages. WhateverSkateboards really nailed it, not only are their boards a piece of art which can decorate any wall, anywhere! …but the decks, gear and hardware are made and put to the test by professional skaters, something that gives me the confidence to ride the steepest hills with peace of mind. I recommend WhateverSkateboards to anyone who wants the best quality graphics on their deck bottom. Whatever you’re representing, wherever you’re skating, keep your steez fresh with WhateverSkateboards.
Suigo, California
Whatever Team Board

“Thank you the board is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Darrylone, California
Park Skateboard 8 x 31.5

“Just wanted to let you know that you have a customer for LIFE. My son was so happy to see his long board he had no idea about. Even though I couldn’t afford to do the rush service you guys still did it anyways and well I think his smile says it all. Thank you all for your hard work and making that smile possible.”
Adrian, Ohio
Park Skateboard 8 x 31.5