Ever wanted to build your own skateboard company? With EA’s Skate 3, you can! Skate 3 is a continuation of the last 2 EA Skate games. Become your own boss and learn the ins and outs of the skateboard world. This time, you’ll enter the new city of Port Carverton, where you not only have the chance to build your own skateboard company, but also build a skate team, and advance your own skills.

Customize Your Own Deck

Build your own decks (just like you can do on our site!) and craft the look and feel of your team. Plenty of room for creativity here! In Skate 3, Port Carverton is made up of three different and fun districts, offering unique landscapes and designs. You can also attend “Skate School”, where you can refine your basics of skateboarding. Online gameplay is also awesome in Skate 3. Create your own amazing custom skate park and share it with your friends! Make money for your company when friends download your park. With the same controls as before but more levels of difficulty, a more polished look and feel, and the same incredible featured pro skateboarders, Skate 3 will keep you entertained for hours.

Decks on Decks on Decks

Probably the best part about Skate 3 is your ability to control all aspects of the game as you are the manager, boss, and creative director of your own brand and company. Here at Whatever Skateboards, we know the feeling. Our process of designing your own shortboard or longboard deck is simple, easy, and also fun! Not only are our decks the highest quality Canadian or North Eastern Maple, but like Skate 3, you can customize every single aspect to be exactly what you want. Feel free to get as imaginative and inspired as you wish. Use wild colors, pictures, designs, text, and logos! Keep your design private for yourself, make it public and share it with friends online, or even load your friends design and customize it some more! You’ll be riding in style in no time.

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