Put Your Name on a Skateboard

Own Your Board

Have you been searching for the perfect skateboard? Can you not seem to find exactly what you are looking for? Are you looking for something one-of-a-kind and personal? Here at Whatever Skateboards, we have the answer! Have you ever wished you could design your own longboard or shortboard with your own picture, designs, and ideas? You can! Have you ever wanted to put your name on a skateboard so everyone knows it’s yours? You can! Our boards are made of high quality Canadian or North Eastern Maple with a reinforcing carbon fiber layer for unbelievable strength. It will be the best ride of your life and a ride in style for sure! When you can put your name on a skateboard, you OWN it. There’s no better way to customize your board than by choosing from our 57 awesome font styles and putting your name or nickname over a design you created!

More Than a Name

Not only can you put your name on a skateboard, but you can tailor every single aspect of your deck to be whatever you want. Get as inventive as you can! Use crazy colors, uploaded pictures, designs, text, and logos! Keep your design private for yourself, make it public and share it with friends online, or even load your friends design and change it up! The options are limitless.

How To Put Your Name on a Skateboard

First, you’ll choose what type of board you want to make. Do you want a shortboard or a longboard? After that, you’ll choose from the many deck options available to create the board that suits you best! After you choose the style of your board, you’ll get to the exciting part where you can choose a background color or design, upload an image of your own, and add text. Now’s the time to get original. If you want to put your name on your skateboard, here is your chance! Once you’ve finished creating your masterpiece, your design will be saved to your profile where you can purchase it, share it, or save it for later. It’s literally that simple. Now, try not to make your friends jealous with your new ride.

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