Whatever Shop Deck (8")


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This is the Whatever Shop Deck, our most affordable deck and a shop fav. 8 inches wide. This is lighter than our Banger Series decks as it has no base layer, just ink on wood, making it our lightest deck, which just makes the great pop this board has even better. This deck has a popular tapered nose and tail just like all pro decks do these days. This board has a stained top-ply that is either red, blue, green, or dark brown, you will not really see this once you add grip tape, except for the very edge around your grip depending on how you cut your grip when you put it on (which can look dope!)

Mellow or Steep Concave

You can get this deck with either Mellow or Steep concave, choose in the options. By default, we recommend Mellow as it’s an easier, more comfortable ride but still has a decent concave to it. We find it easier to ollie with a mellow tail and concave, but not quite as high. If you want higher ollies, you might want to try out the Steep flavor with the higher tail and rails and deeper foot pocket, as the higher tail angle brings the board up higher when you pop the tail off the pavement or ramp. If you want easier riding and easier more casual ollies, go with Mellow. Some people prefer mellow also for technical flatland and park tricks, as they feel you can get just a bit more technical with a little flatter deck, but everyone has their own preference so try them both to really know!

Classic Design

Black with the white Whatever Skateboards shield logo and white “whatever” text. Simple. Bold. Classy. This board isn’t trying too hard to be cool, it just is.

Shoe Size Guide

We recommend this size deck for anyone with feet up to around Men’s size 10. Above size 10, and you may want to check out the 8.25″ (see Related Products tab)

Premade! (As Shown / Not Customized)

This board is as-is, not for customization, so that it’s price could be reduced to make it as affordable as possible for our riders out there in the streets who snap boards on the regs or just don’t have the cash for a premium custom deck, but without sacrificing quality! If you want to customize this deck, use the “Create” menu in the website header navigation to see our selection of customizable skateboard decks.

100% Made in the USA / Support The United States!

This board is made of 7 sweet plys of American Maple. Have you heard of America? Yeah, turns out we have good maple and make skateboards too, and it’s just like popular Canadian maple, only ours is American! Some of the forrests in the north east stretch right across the border of Canada and guess what, they’re the same awesome quality hard-wood maple trees you see on the other side of the border. Why is everyone hung up on Canadian Maple so much? We’re not sure, probably marketing tactics, but we know one thing, our wood is good, our glue is good, and that’s why our decks pop is great!

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