Street Skateboard 9.25 x 33.5 (Oversized)


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Make Your Deck a Complete

If you’d like to upgrade your deck to a complete board (with trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape and assembly), you can change the options on the product page or in the shopping cart. When you’re finished with your design, go to your shopping cart and click “Edit Options” under the deck design you’d like to make a complete. You can purchase a deck only, deck with grip, or a complete board ready to ride out of the box.

About This Board

This deck is basically an extra large park deck, making it perfect for old-school hard wheel slides and pools. It was designed by long time rider Marc Seguin.

Unlike the other park decks, this extra width allows for such a deep concave on an otherwise large but traditional double-kick street / trick deck. The concave is high and sharp at the edge and the transition from the concave to the kicks is short to create a hook for your feet to really sink into.

The kicks are steep and large for maximum space, so this is a really great deck for all around street and pool skaters with big feet that want that classic style but bigger and deeper.

It is also made from 7 plys Hard Canadian Maple for a nice pop. We finished the shape with deep wheel-wells to prevent wheel-bite even with larger wheels. All-in-all it excels at what it was made for; hard wheel slides. Whether you want to get into hard wheel sliding or you’ve been doing it for a long time, this is definitely the deck you want under your feet.

Now design your own graphics and get shredding in style!

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