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The Skogger is the ultimate skateboard deck for experienced pushers, easy riders, and those who go the distance. This is an entirely new type of skateboard deck proudly designed in collaboration with one of our sponsored skaters: ultra-distance skateboarding pro Steve “Skogger” Meketa. This is the same custom pro deck model created by Whatever Skateboards for Steve for competition and training. The Meketa Skogger’s flex as well as length and 0 concave construction make the board the ultimate workout board. The flex adds to muscle training. The length of the board and 0 concave is ideal for moving around and can be used as a workout platform. Specially designed by Steven Meketa, who trained with the Skogging inventor Chris Yandall, the Skogger board provides a unique combination of athletic workout platform and knee-saving flex to give you a sustainable full-core workout when Skogging medium to long distances.

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Tested for Over 1,000 Miles Before Release

Part of the design process for this skateboard deck was literally road testing for over 1,000 miles on actual streets before officially releasing to the public. Our initial prototype was a single skateboard created particularly for Steve, based on his design, as his ultimate rider deck. After seeing the flex effect performance of that one it quickly became his daily driver and underwent miles of testing across nearly every road condition. The Skogger is unlike any other skateboard and it outperformed in every aspect Steve highlighted in his design. As the design received performance tweaks over months it became what Steve had envisioned. Whatever Skateboards is stoked to offer that exact same pro competition model to everyone: behold, the Skogger!

This Deck Is From Our Future

When creating any pro competition model, be it street, vert, downhill, or distance, the game is the same: push the limit to give your riders the edge. The Skogger is not even possible without the most modern techniques and materials available in skateboard production. Previously no single model was able to solve all the major design requirements: deck size, durability, flex, shape memory, and deck shape. By combining new production techniques, improved layering, shape memory materials, bamboo, and our “special sauce” we were finally able to solve every production requirement required to unlock this new deck shape. After dialing in the production process we can now offer the Skogger to every rider!

Flex Sells

If you’re a long distance rider, commuter, dancer, and of course skogger, then you cover a lot of ground. It’s not unusual for you to cover 10-20 miles in a single day. Without flex your deck does not capture all your potential energy. With flex the wood will work with you to capture your potential energy available during a full push. As your weight naturally pushes in to the deck during a push the flex takes that energy gradually and then gives it back to you. A deck able to flex with downward force and maintain shape memory can provide this flex effect indefinitely, aiding you on every push. The Skogger is intentionally built to amplify flex effect beyond normal ranges with the specific intent of harnessing flex effect to improve rider performance. The substantially increased flex effect of the Skogger model provides a tapered force gradient during push footfall to alleviate rider leg stress and reduce rider injury. Importantly, the increased flex effect of the Skogger model reduces rider leg fatigue over long and ultra distance by reducing rider muscle activation during push recovery.

Get your own custom made skogger board! This 45″ skogger features 3 layer of bamboo plus 2 layers of fiberglass. This board features a flat surface zero concave construction. There are wheel wells that eliminate wheel bite and multiple wheel base options.

Proudly designed in collaboration with Steve “Skogger” Meketa.

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