Wooden Skateboard Rack


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Get a sweet skateboard rack for all of your boards! Don’t deal with your boards in the way at the door. Hang this solid, cool skateboard rack wherever you want to store your boards. It can hold all of your boards, including skateboards, longboards, snowboards, kiteboards, wakeboards, mountainboards and skiis. It mounts onto the wall using simple screws that go straight into the wall stud. As the rack is only 13″ wide, it only takes up one stud. Solid construction, super strong. The rack is made on a computer controlled router, so all of the lines and curves are perfect. This gets delivered as a flatpack kit which you assemble. The wood is left unfinished, so you can use it as is or apply your preferred finish. The plywood is high quality “A” rated hardwood that is better than anything you can find at Home Depot. Order one today and get yourself organized!

There are three sizes which you will find in the options:

Standard= 4 Board Rack

Standard + ($20.00)= 6 Board Rack

Standard + ($40.00)= 8 Board Rack

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