Rayne Vendetta V3 Space Jam Longboard (9.75 x 39)


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This deck as well as the entire 2017 Gateway series series features a rockered, drop through and drop platform. With these features this deck is stable, low to the ground and sufficiently gripped. This board also has some unique features like leverage concave which grips the ball of your foot to the center of your heel for turn control. The decks construction is made out of a vert-lam, fat bottom bamboo core which makes the deck extremely strong and hefty but light. The sublimated artwork is also scratch resistant, because the ink is tattooed on the deck then finished with a bee orange finish which enhances the tones of the natural wood grain and protects the deck with a wax barrier that repels water. The citrus based polish is also completely environmentally sustainable. The Vendetta is an all around awesome deck that can do anything from light bombing, freeriding, carving, and pumping with ease and comfortably. This makes a great everyday board for any type of rider!

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