Rayne Reaper V3 Space Jam Longboard (36 x 9.5)


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This dropthrough freeride longboard is the lighter and shorter version of the Rayne’s Nemesis. This deck is made out of Vert-Lam Bamboo Core, which makes it as strong as steel but very light. The boards standing platform is 22″ which gives plenty of room for comfortablilty but is also smaller than the Nemisis. Sizing down the dimensions of what Rayne calls the worlds best downhill deck, makes the Reaper even more deadly, allowing you to thrash into tighter turns easier. This deck as well as the entire 2017 Gateway series features a rockered, drop through and drop platform. With these features this deck is stable, low to the ground, and sufficiently gripped. If your looking for a consise, practical and fun downhill, freeriding deck, this is it! This is also a great deck for smaller riders.

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