Landyactz Hallowtech Switchblade 40 Mountain Yellow Longboard (10 x 40)


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Landyactz decks have been pushing the limits of downhill and freeride skating for decades. If you are looking for a versatile, downhill deck this is it! This board is a classic downhill deck that has been a pioneer in the industry and paved the road for stability in downhill riding. The double drop design creates a stable ride by lowering the riders center of gravity. The drop down construction and W concave of this deck also creates pockets for you feet that are guarenteed to lock you in and let the rider push the limits safely. This deck was also made with Landyactzs’ speical hallowtech construction that replaces much of the wood of a normal deck with emptieness or hollowness. Doing so, makes the board stronger and lighter than typical maple.

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