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Electric Hoverboard “Smart Balancing” Scooters Are Here!

These Electric Hoverboard Scooters are this season’s must have gadget. Not quite a scooter, not quite a skateboard, all electric and more like a Segway than anything its a guarateed fun ride with killer Samsung batteries that last hours. A total kookfest these things are super fun and even non-skaters can handle them. Caution on the bumps and watch your step these things can haul at 6-10 miles per hour. You’ll definitely start using this as a party ride but after a while it becomes part of the quiver. Its useful for short trips and is a great moving balance trainer and a real pedidexterity enhancer. Some people will joke you’re gonna get fat but its anything but; these are a total core workout.

Electric Hoverboard “Smart Balancing” Scooters?

There isn’t any word for these though most people call it a “hoverboard” its not a traditional hoverboard as known to skaters. Its not quite a scooter with the forward facing wheelbase its actually closed to skiing. Its got the motion of an electric longboard or electric skateboard with the Samsung batteries.

Generation 3

This version includes a travel bag and a wireless remote to turn off device and adjust to beginner or advanced mode. The Generation 3 also includes Bluetooth Speakers inside the unit that plays music.

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