Custom Longboard – Pin Tail 39″


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About This Board

Design your own custom Classic Pintail! This deck size is 39″ x 9″.

Add your own pictures, text and more and make a unique board that is uniquely you.

A Classic Pin Tail Shape
Perhaps one of the most iconic longboards as one of the first longboard shapes ever made to be a surfy shape and style, this board is a nice wide pin tail which is perfect for really smooth cruising or long commutes. For going down a nice casual hill or carving it up this board is always a great choice with a really smooth ride. We see a lot of this style board out around the beach areas and college areas as a popular choice for surfers, commuters, longboard dancers, and more chill cruiser-style longboarders.

9 Inches of Goodness for Any Level Rider
At 9 inches wide at it’s fattest mid point, this is a nice wide deck and a great longboard with plenty of room for people with any shoe size.  The long wide shape also makes this a very easy board to ride, great for beginners or advanced longboard dancers, and skaters of any level.

Low Concave and Flat Tail
This pin tail has a very low concave, a 2.5 inch nose and a 5 inch tail, and a very flat old-school overall profile with no kicktails, though the 5 inch tail is plenty to do some longboard style manuals, kick turns, or some flat ground trickery.  The wheelbase is just under 28 inches so it won’t be making any super short, tight turns, but is great for cruising.


Length: 39.3″

Width:  9.1″

Wheelbase:  27.75″

Nose:  2.5″

Tail:  5″

Concave:  Low

Trucks & Wheels
Of course for a board like this you should go with longboard trucks and nice big wheels.

Design Your Own

Ready to Design your own custom classic Pintail longboard?  Add your own pictures, text and more and design a unique board that is uniquely you.  Click customize to begin.

Add Custom Griptape

Customize your grip tape too to really make the board awesome on both sides!
Please note: custom grip tape will ship separately, so installation is not included.  


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Dimensions 39 × 9 in