Create Your Own Custom Longboard

When shopping for a longboard, you are not only looking for the perfect steeze, but also the perfect ride! It all really depends on a few factors… Are you a casual rider that cruises on the streets and boardwalks? Then you want something that glides well and is easy to turn on. If you been practicing your crosswalk along with other dance moves, you want a longboard that is not directional and that has plenty of room. Maybe you are a crazy one that loves to ride fast down mountain roads! In that case, you want a good steady board that has sturdy trucks that won’t wobble. With our site, you can create your own custom longboards from scratch, picking the model, the right trucks, and perfect wheels. Plus, you get to create your very own unique design.

New Complete Options

We have updated our inventory and now there are new choices of wheels and trucks. We carry a variety of Paris Trucks that come in a wide selection of size and colors. Paris trucks are our trucks of choice, because of their top performance. We personally tested these trucks here at Whatever Skateboards on our custom longboards. We have discovered that they are smooth, the paint does not chip easily, and that they provide controlled turning without speed wobbles. As for wheels, we carry the Divines Wheels line with many colors to choose from. This makes it easy to match the wheels to your custom longboards. The colors choices range from, bright colors of red, sky blue, purple. yellow, green to more muted colors of dark blue, black and grey. We now also carry our own line of Restless wheels too!

custom longboards

Custom Longboards – From Start to Finish

From start to finish, the whole process of a custom design is what makes Whatever Skateboards stand out. We know that each person who creates a longboard for themselves or as a gift, puts a lot of thought and care into crafting the perfect ride! Our team works hard to create a quality board that is perfect for each unique rider. We believe that riding is an art and that making the board should be too!

Design A Custom Longboard!

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