Are you looking to give the perfect gift to a longboarder or skater who would LOVE a custom board? Well, if the date has passed to get it in time for Christmas, there are still 2 PERFECT and rad gift solutions for you, with TWO different ways you can give a custom board as a gift!

Last Minute Gift #1:
Print the Custom Skateboard Design and Put It In a Card!

Design a Board »

When you create a custom board design on our site, it creates a preview image of the deck that you can print out. Simply print out the page or the image itself, fold it up and slide the page with the board photo into a card. This will be the best card someone special has ever opened when they see it’s not the typical card – it has a sweet custom skateboard or longboard inside! This is sure to put a happy surprise smile on someone’s face this Christmas, even if you do it the night before ;)

Last Minute Gift #2:
A Gift Card to Design Their Own Deck!

Shop Gift Cards »

Our gift cards are always a great way to give someone the gift of customization while still allowing them to make their own design. Purchase a gift card right here from our site in the Shop section. We’ll email you a graphic of a gift card with the code on it that you can print out and stick into a holiday card or email it to someone – and ultimately give someone the chance to design their own board which they will love! They will be stoked when they realize they get to design something themselves and have it shipped right to their door. You can choose any dollar amount and it will email on the date you want it to send, like XMas Day, Xmas Eve, or Right Away (today).

Still Got Time?

To check if you still have time to get a custom deck in the mail by Christmas, check our page here:

Holiday Shipping Times and Last Days to Order

Happy Holidays!


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