How Awesome Is Kilian Martin?

Pretty sure we all know the answer to that: freakin’ awesome. From stunning tricks to performance skating and all the incredible footwork in between here at Whatever we are constantly inspired by his work. Here’s two of our favorites we’ve been watching today to kick off the week…

Kilian Martin’s Carmen

His most recent vid and a great testament to his incredible style this is one video that will knock your socks off and leave you wanting more. A gold standard in classical freestyle and performance skating this vid gives some nice insight in to his character and how he develops his distinct style:


Kilian Martin’s Altered Route

One of our all-time Whatever Skateboard office favorites and an all around amazing experience Altered Route is one of the quintessential modern skate vids. Turn up the volume because you can’t miss the music which sets the stage for this great skate. Abandoned water park? YES PLEASE. We love the juxtaposition with original footage and can’t get enough of the aesthetics on this one. Since this is such a must-see skate vid around the office you can’t miss this:


Can’t get enough? Peep his site:

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