As skateboarding has gained more and more popularity over the years, the design of decks has gotten increasingly more creative. There are plenty of ways to be creative when it comes to your skateboard deck, and we make it easy with our online customizer. Since you are able to fully customize your skateboard on our website, the possibilities really are endless. One rad way to customize that we have been digging lately is putting photos on your board. You can place a single photo, multiple photos, or create a collage of photos to put on a deck. Not sure what type of photo to use? We share some of our favorite ideas and ways to have photos on a skateboard.

Personal Photos on a Skateboard

Photo-adorned skateboard make great gifts as well. Order a board with photos of the birthday boy and he will be stoked on his birthday present. Friends tying the knot? Have a few of their favorite photos as a couple transformed into a keepsake that they can either display or ride down the street. Skateboards with photos of you also make a great holiday gift for your parents. Even if they don’t ride, having something you made for them that you enjoy with your favorite photos is sure to on skateboard

Your Favorite Photo on a Skateboard

Add your favorite photo or design onto a custom Photo skateboard or custom photo longboard.  Make your own custom photo grip tape as well.

Do you have many photos you want to use?  We have many products to choose from.  You can even make a collage if you want to add multiple photos onto your custom photo skateboard.

Whatever Skateboards Whatever Skateboards Park Skateboard 8.125 x 32.25Whatever Skateboards Whatever Skateboards Park Skateboard 8.125 x 32.25Whatever Skateboards custom longboard grip tape


Photo Skateboard Wall Art

Use your Photo Skateboard as Wall Art.  One custom photo skateboard deck looks great but multiple, looks even better.

Whatever Skateboards custom skateboard for dad

Create Photo Skateboard Wall Art

Photo Skateboard Murals

Photos look great on skateboard murals.  Your photo will span across 3 decks or 5 skateboard decks depending on your selection.  Add your favorite photos and turn it into skateboard art.

Whatever Skateboard Custom 5 Deck MuralWhatever Skateboard 3 Deck Mural

Create Photo Skateboard Mural


Photos as Keepsakes

If you don’t want to use photos of yourself or others, consider the endless other possibilities. If you are a photographer, placing on of your original photos on a skateboard is the perfect way to attract attention to your work while creating the perfect way to get around while you are taking photos. Or perhaps you have some old photos laying around that hold sentimental value. Putting them on a skateboard is a great way to preserve the memories in a fun and creative way.

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