Robb Field Skatepark


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Skogging is a form of skateboarding where one uses a pedidextrous leg movement to push the board. A skogger is longer than a traditional longboard and more flexible. The movement and motion one makes on a skogger is similar to the sensation one feels when surfing or rollerskating while  keeping the foundational skateboard techniques of switch kicking and stance style.  Skogging was invited by the late great Mr. Chris Yandall and our event will be hosted by one of his former students, Sk8Kings Ambassador Steven Meketa, with Whatever Skateboards. Steven will be hosting this Skog Clinic where you can learn how to balance, push with both legs, cross step, push, and foot break! Meet friends, learn some new Skog tips and have fun!


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