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On September 10th at 10:00 A.M., 64 racers will compete side by side in 8 heats throughout the day. There will be 8 racers in each heat and only the top 4 will advance to the next round until it is down to 8 finalists. Racers will travel at speeds of 50 mph and faster down the infamous Donner Pass until one cunning skater is crowned the King or Queen of the Donner Downhill.

Donner Pass refers to the 2.4 mile stretch of Old Highway 40.  It is located in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, above Donner Lake, and just West of Truckee, California.  This deceptive stretch  once served as the First Continental Railroad and is a beautiful, but tricky and steep road.

Paramedics will be on site all day and camping will be open to the Public. The recommended camp sites for this event are Ridge Campground, Split Rock Campground and Creek Campground.


Participants will be required to wear full protective equipment including a full-faced helmet, full leathers and gloves while on the course.

Skateboards are required to be no more than 15.4 lbs, 48″ in length and wheels at a maximum of 110mm


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