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9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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This is our fourth year running the Grind For life Series of all ages and skills skateboarding contests. Grind for Life is an organization founded in 2003 by life long skater and two time Cancer survivor Mike Rogers developed to help  families suffering from the effects of cancer. This series also leads to the Annual Awards at the Boarder HQ in Tampa. Winners of the Spnosored Division get a spot in teh Boardr AM which leads to the X Games each year in June.


  • 10am: Street 9 and Under Division: Jams
  • 10:30am: Street 10 to 12 Division: Jams
  • 11am: Street 13 to 15 Division: Jams
  • 11:30am: Street Girls Division: Jams
  • 12pm: Awards Break
  • 12:15pm: Street 16 to 29 Division: Jams
  • 12:45pm: Street 30 and Up Division: Jams
  • 1:15pm: Street Sponsored Division: Jams
  • 1:45pm: Awards Break
  • 2pm: Bowl 9 and Under Division: Jams
  • 2:30pm: Bowl 10 to 12 Division: Jams
  • 3pm: Bowl Intermediate (13 to 39) Division: Jams
  • 3:30pm: Bowl Girls Division: Jams
  • 4pm: Bowl Masters (40 to 49) Division: Jams
  • 4:30pm: Bowl Grand Masters (50 and Up) Division: Jams
  • 5pm: Bowl Sponsored Division: Jams
  • 5:30pm: Awards
  • Street Jams format events: 3 skaters per jam, 3 minutes per jam. Judged on overall impression.
  • Bowl Jams format events: 8 skaters per jam, 3 runs at 30 seconds each, skate in order until you fall. Judged on overall impression.

Register Online: https://theboardr.com/register

Sign Waiver: https://theboardr.com/waiverhq

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