The summer season has finally arrived, which many of you have probably been waiting on for quite some time. Now it is official, you can pull out your skateboards and enjoy rolling down the sidewalk in the comfortable weather. Whether you plan to ride your skateboard around the neighborhood or whip it out for some fun at your local skate park we have the skateboard that you need.

About Our New Pricing

Here at Whatever Skateboards you know that we love our loyal customers and we try to make the process of designing your own skateboard as easy as possible. Therefore, as a thank you for coming to us for all of your skateboarding needs we have some brand new discounts available so you can design your own skateboard at an even cheaper price.

Current Limited Time Pricing – Now is the Time to Buy!

Under $100 – Tall Boy and Sloop Decks

Carrera, Perfecto 39 & Perfecto 41: over $30 off original price

Up to 21% off many of our top sellers

Why You Should Design Your Own Skateboard with Us

Here at Whatever Skateboards we treat all of our customers as though they are lifetime friends. We make the process of designing your own skateboard as effortless as possible. You simply choose your skateboard and add in your background, pictures, and text and you have just designed your own skateboard in just a few moments. We are constantly updating our options to make sure that you are able to make your skateboard as unique as possible.

This summer make sure that your skateboard is the envy all of your friends by creating a customized skateboard right here with us. If you really want to stunt this summer why not try creating your own skateboarding tricks too!

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