Everybody loves new features, and we’ve got a great one you’re going to love for your next custom skateboard or custom longboard. With this new feature you can easily customize cool patterns with combinations of background colors or fades, to really make some rad looking designs.

New Background Patterns Feature

The new custom patterns features are super easy to use. First, you can find the new custom patterns in the first step in the desktop customizer (not available on mobile yet). Click the button for “background patterns” and the pattern list will load up. Simply click a thumbnail to select a pattern and it will load in. Give it a moment as it may take a few seconds for it to crunch the graphics to make them editable for your custom colors of choice. Once the pattern is loaded, you can change the color of the pattern lines to any color you want. Then, you can change the background color or even do color fades for the background to make a really cool unique pattern that nobody else has! Here’s a shot of the new pattern menu and a custom “Chevron” pattern being put onto a Carerra longboard.

Screenshot of a Custom Pattern on a Custom Longboard

Cool Patterns for Skateboards

As time goes on we’ll be adding lots more cool patterns to the library available in the app. Right now we’ve got a great set to start with, including some optical illusions, some cool grunge floral designs, classic stripes and polka dots, chevrons, and lots more. Also you can find some non-customizable, full-color patterns premade in the “Background Images” menu under the “patterns” category, stuff like different plaid patterns, etc. But, with those you can’t set the colors to exactly how you want them, like you can with the new background patterns.

Want a New Pattern?

If there are patterns you LOVE and want to see in our patterns library, please let us know! We’ll do our best to add them. If you have a black and white copy of your pattern at 3000px or higher, you can even send it to us and we might be able to add it to our app for you to use. Check back from time to time to see what additions have been made.

Design Your Custom Longboard or Skateboard with These Sweet Patterns!

Ready to design your next custom skateboard or custom longboard with a super rad custom pattern? Then go for it!

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