Circuit Boards – Remote Control Mini Finger Skates By Tony Hawk, Birdhouse, and HEXBUG? WANT.

Its not hard to see why Tony Hawk has recently been promoting these new remote control Tech Deck style minis: they’re awesome. Finger boards are already sweet, we have a ton of them in the shop, but we have to admit that while we never considered making them remote control we’re now shocked we’ve been living without electric finger skates this long. Check out the official vid from HEXBUG:

UPDATE: Tony Hawk Circuit Boards are now available on Amazon!


Those ramps looks super sweet and kinda remind us of rad Hot Wheels ramps. We’re wondering how these handle when grinding but it does appear in the video that if you hit the ramps just right you are able to pull some sick stunts. One of the big comments online was they appear need an ollie button; we agree but we’re still willing to shoot some footy regardless. Possibly in slow mo.

UPDATE: We Did A Review of Tony Hawk Circuit Boards!


No word yet on when these rad things are launching but sources, (and by sources we mean the Circuit Boards website,) say early September. If you keep a close eye on Tony Hawk’s FB page you’ll see the vid he posted. There’s also a lot of material on the official Circuit Boards website. If you make it out to see Tony Hawk and Birdhouse on tour they’re handing out these things FOR FREE. Anybody got one? How are they? TELL US EVERYTHING.

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