Someone Sent Us This Link… Whatever.

We get some pretty cool submissions for skateboard designs but we also get some pretty awesome submissions for art, photos, tumblrs, blogs, videos, etc. We posted a fitting and amazing whatever-themed banner we’d been linked to before. And now it is time to revive the spirit of audience submissions and share a great link we were sent this week. In this case it is time to be mesmerized by the amazing work being done over at Magnificent Ruin

Courtesy of Magnificent Ruin

Courtesy of Magnificent Ruin

We have no idea from where these amazing images came from but we’re pretty stoked on them. No, they were not created for us. This was the work of some other genius our there in the world, someone unbeknownst to us but sharing in our beautiful ambivalence. Thanks to whoever send us this, (you know who you are but apparently did not want US to know.) Is it just us or would some of this stuff make a great look on a skateboard or longboard deck?

Courtesy of MagificentRuin

Original Images: Magnificent Ruin

Author: Whatever

Whatever man!