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We’ve added a TON of new fonts and there’s some pretty awesome ones in there. Now you can really go nuts with the text styles and come up with even cooler stuff than ever.

How to Add Text To Your Own Custom Skateboard Deck

When you’re in our design app, simply go to “Text” in the main steps and click “Add New Text.” You’ll see the text come onto your board and then the editing panel comes up, with the font dropdown immediately below where you enter your text.

How to Make Your Custom Text Awesome

Once you’ve written your text in, a great way to preview the fonts is to click on the font dropdown, then just press the down or up keys on your keyboard to flip to the next or previous font in the list.  This is an easy way to just flip thru lots of awesome looks for your font.  While you do this, you’ll want to use a color that stands out and is readable.  If the font doesn’t fit quite right, make it larger or smaller to fit, or even rotate it (using the adjustment handle top/center above your text) in your design.

Once you’ve got a really cool custom font for your skateboard, play around with the effects a little bit!  Adding drop shadow or glow, and turning the brightness halfway up or all the way up can really make the text pop with some loud outer coloring, or stand out with some dark drop shadow!  If your text is hard to read, this is a good way to make it a little more readable.

That’s pretty much, it!  Have fun with your next awesome custom skateboard deck design and get creative with all of our new fonts!

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