Longboard and Skateboard Quality Is Important.

When you create your own longboard with Whatever Skateboards, it’s not just a cool skate to hang on your wall – even though that is totally OK to do.  These longboards are AWESOME, made ready to shred, and it’s because of the care that goes into the quality construction and printing developed over years of hands-on (and feet-on) evolution. But, very few people know how much actually goes on behind the scenes to craft a quality board…


Get Ready to Fall in Love.

When you get your first Whatever deck, sure, you might hang it up and admire it – why not.  But as soon as you step on, ride it, and you feel the solid control, perfect flex, nice concave, you’re going to realize that these boards aren’t going to get much wall-time at all.  These boards are top quality, as good as it gets.  You’re your not just going to love your design, you’re going to love the way your custom board cruises and shreds. That’s why we take the time to craft our boards with care, detailed precision, and only the best materials.

Made By Skaters, For Skaters

Custom Boards Made By Skaters, For Skaters.We’re skaters.  Always have been.  We know what a good board feels like. When we step on our decks, we love it and are impressed with the ride and that’s the ONLY way we could ever have it.  We ride these boards because we want to ride them, because we love how they ride.  That goes for the trucks and wheels we offer too. Every single one of our boards and shapes has its own character, but they are all great at what they do.  This is why we ride our boards to work every single day.

Good Wood? The Best Wood.

Good wood is key.  All of our boards are made in North America with North Eastern and Canadian rock hard maple.  This is the wood of choice for almost ANY top skateboard brand that you may be familiar with.  You can expect a high level of quality – strength, shape memory, and flex to last a very long time and not crack or break easily.  The 7 to 9 ply hard maple (depending on model), in combination with the other techniques we use to create these boards will provide a strong reliable deck that will last for years, if not decades while powering through the turns with solid control.A stack of longboards hand crafted with good wood

High Performance Carbon-Fiber Plys

Some of our more serious downhill  longboards, as noted in the description or specs, have 2 plys of carbon fiber lam in the stack to add an amazing level of strength, flex, and shape memory and as a result will ride amazingly and not warp over time.  This is a unique and modern way of making the maple construction even better.

Special Glue Process

The glue process uses a specially designed glue for all of our skateboards and longboards.  This also helps the board quality stay strong.

Pressed to Perfection, Cured for Crafting

The 7-9 ply wood is then pressed in an industrial strength hydraulic press and cured for weeks with the perfect concave, camber, nose and tail for each board’s riding style.

Hand Crafted

Hand-Cut Board ShapesEach longboard is hand cut with precision to our classic and signature shapes, and then sanded down by hand and verified for quality.  Our veterans skateboarders have been hand crafting custom longboards for over a decade and are dam’ good at it!

Sealed for Long Lasting Quality

The finished deck is then sealed so that the humidity levels in the wood stay constant – locking it in for long lasting deck quality, strength, and character.

Professionally Custom Printed

Each custom print is applied on-demand with high quality in mind.  We do not use vinyl.  We transfer the graphics direct onto the board and use a white base layer to make sure your design is bright and pops.  Your design will not peel off and will be ready to shred.


Custom Printed Longboards in the RackOnce the board is printed, it’s reviewed for any defects before it goes out the door to make sure the deck is top quality.  If the deck is flawed or print has an error, we start over.

Shipped Straight to Your Door.

You’ll get your board in a couple to a few weeks depending on how busy we are and when you placed your order.  Each order is wrapped in padded packaging to make sure the print and deck isn’t damaged in any way on its way to its proud new owner.

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