Purdue board Dart (9.5 x 39.25) by littlemilkman99

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Custom Dart (9.5 x 39.25)

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About This Board

Design your own custom Dart pintail! This board is 9.5" x 39.25". Add your own pictures, text and more and make a unique board that is uniquely you. This board is a very wide pintail which is perfect for smooth cruising and longer commutes. For going down a nice hill or carving this is going to be the best choice. A classic beach cruiser we've cut the wheel wells out a little to give you a little more room to squeeze out on big wheels and huge turns. We see a lot of this deck style out around town because the reduced weight makes it a real commuter's skateboard.

Recommended Complete Options
(Trucks & Wheels)

Pro / Shred:

  • Trucks: Paris 180mm trucks
  • Wheels: Divine Road Rippers 70mm wheels

The Dart Skateboard is made with 7 plys Maple with a melow concave. The wheelbase is 25.75".

Design Your Own

Design your own custom Dart longboard! Add your own pictures, text and more and design a unique board that is uniquely you.

Designer: littlemilkman99
Design Tags: college , purdue