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Are you ready to be Instafamous?

Just kidding! But really, congrats on taking the first step towards getting sponsored which can only help you get more rep, get free stuff, and help push your career to your next level.

After you submit this form, we will review your submission for sponsorship on the Whatever Ambassador, Crew, or Team levels of sponsorship depending on your selected interests and your profile / clip(s). If you are approved we will contact you to let you know within 30 days. We receive lots of submissions so please be patient during the review process (aka don’t DM us every day asking if you’ve been approved!)

Please note: NO Racism, NO Pornography, NO Violence, NO Weapons, NO Drugs. Sorry in advance to all proudly prejudice gun-toting porn star crackheads of the world, we’re just not the team for you!

If you still have questions about our different sponsorship levels, check out more info on our How to Get Sponsored page.

Thanks for your interest in Whatever!

Good Luck!

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Skater Submissions
Use this form to submit your profile. Your profile should be complete with your top clips, cover and profile pictures, all of your handles / URLs for Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or whatever else you have out there.
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I agree to the Terms and Conditions (link in footer) and release Whatever Skateboards from all liability for stunts that may be attempted in videos or other content that I may create or submit. I am aware that my profile on Whatever Skateboards is public on the internet and I will not publish content that violates the Whatever ToS, such as Porn, Racism, or Violence. I agree to not skate outside my ability level and accept any risks of injury or damages as my own. Whatever Skateboards does not recommend trying any dangerous stunts that you think will result in injury. We also insist that any filming or stunts use a proper place, safety gear (like helmet and pads), supervision and training from professionals to ensure safety first. I agree that anything I do that causes damages to myself or others will be my own responsibility, and completely indemnify Whatever Skateboards from any liability so that skaters can skate and Whatever Skateboards can continue making sweet, sweet custom skateboards. The End.