cr7 Carerra (10.5 x 38.5) Complete Longboard by amos

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Custom Carerra (10.5 x 38.5) Complete Longboard

About this Carerra Complete Longboard

This board comes completely assembled with trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, and assembly. Create a custom design and then ride this board straight of the box.

About This Board

The Carerra is fast and great for freeriding. This board is agile and fast with a deep concave and a micro-drop. This deck is extended on both sides which gives a little nose and tail. The sleek body is a beautifully classic design and has a lot of surface for artwork and imagery. A really smooth ride this is an incredibly stable board and has a really nice feel under your feet. The extra body size gives you some space to move around on this board and that makes it a lot more comfortable and responsive than you normally get out of a skateboard this size.

Design Your Own

Design your own custom Carerra longboard! Add your own pictures, text and more and design a unique board that is uniquely you.
Designer: amos
Design Tags: cr7