Design 632614 Park Skateboard 8.25 x 32.463 by tyler07

Custom Park Skateboard 8.25 x 32.463

About This Board

Our Park Skateboard 8.25" x 32.463" is perfect for the skate park or the streets. This is a traditional, standard Park deck, but with YOUR custom design printed on it! Our boards are strong and have great pop!   Making it easy to ollie nice and high.  This board is works well for any skill level and is fun to ride. This deck is made of 7 plys of premium Canadian and American Maple, cold pressed with high quality long lasting glues and has a glossy finish. size: 8.25" x 32.463" Sizing-wise, the 8.25" size works great for those with US Shoe Size 9 and up. Specs Wheelbase:  14.3" Nose:  7" Tail:  6.8" Concave:  Steep or Mellow


Your custom design is printed in the United States.  Get ready to turn heads with your brand new custom limited design created by you!

Add Griptape to your Custom Board

Add black griptape to your custom deck. We will install the black griptape for you

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Designer: tyler07
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