Design 490533 Park Skateboard 7.5 x 31.370 by artur-kowalski

Custom Park Skateboard 7.5 x 31.370

About This Board

This is a traditional, standard Park deck, but with YOUR custom design printed on it!

This deck is made of 7 plys of premium American Maple, and cold pressed with Franklin MultiSk8 and has a glossy finish.

Make it a Complete

This is just the deck, if you would like to make this board a complete you will need to purchase trucks, wheels and bearings separately

Note: If you purchase custom grip, it will ship separately uninstalled.

<!-- * Please note that the processing time for this deck has temporarily increased to 2-3 weeks due to a large volume of orders. Shipping will remain the same 2-6 business days. Thank you for your cooperation!


Designer: artur-kowalski