Design 361234 Custom Skateboard Griptape (9x36 in.) by rfx

Design 361234 Skateboards, Longboards and Grip Tape

Custom Custom Skateboard Griptape (9x36 in.)

Please note: a portion of your grip tape design may get cut off when it is applied to your board. Please check the dimensions of your board compared to 9" x 36".

Take your custom board a step further and create your own custom griptape to apply on your board. Add your own photos, text and design.

Your design will be printed on High Quality 60-Grit Grip Tape which has a similar feel and coarseness to Mob griptape The size is 9" x 36".

Please note that while your custom design will be clearly printed, the colors will not be as vibrant as what you see on screen.

Custom griptape will ship separately and griptape installation is not included

Designer: rfx
Design Tags: critter , rick-tetz