Design 20605 Banger Park Skateboard 7.5 x 31 by cyberboy999

Design 20605 Skateboards, Longboards and Grip Tape

Custom Banger Park Skateboard 7.5 x 31

Our new Park Skateboard Decks are available in a comprabable size. You can find the new and improved version here:  

Make it a Complete

Choose "Make it a complete: Yes" if you would like this board to come completely assembled with trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape. If "Make it a complete" is not selected or set to "no", it will come as a deck only with your design printed on the bottom and wooden on top.

About This Board

The Park Skateboard Deck is made with 7-plys of North Eastern Hard Rock Maple, 100% USA Handcrafted and Designed in San Diego, CA. Designed for Better Response, Durability, POP and made with quality and pride. It can be used in bowls and parks but especially for street.
Designer: cyberboy999
Design Tags: classic , live-to-skate , skate