Marty Board Old Skool (28.75 x 7.6) by samspace2012

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Custom Old Skool (28.75 x 7.6)

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Design your own custom Old Skool cruiser skateboard deck!

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About This Board

This is one of those classic shapes that is timeless. It's a directional board with a more pointed nose than tail for great cruising, and a larger tail for quick maneuvers and ollies. With it's smaller size it's a lot easier to take around town or up a hill than the longboards.

Perfect for practicing your technical skills and a great deck for young riders this deck style is the timeless Old Skool shape. Make no mistake, although the shape is an oldy but goody, this deck is made with the same 7-ply hard Canadian Maple for great durability and responsiveness.

Recommended Complete Options
Trucks & Wheels


Paris 108mm Street Trucks


Restless Slide 57mm wheels

Designer: samspace2012
Design Tags: back-to-th-future , bttf , hover , marty