Design 160072 Bullet (10.25 x 36) Complete Longboard by desirae_hastings

Design 160072 Skateboards, Longboards and Grip Tape

Custom Bullet (10.25 x 36) Complete Longboard

This board comes completely assembled with trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, and assembly. Create a custom design and then ride this board straight of the box.

About This Board

The Bullet is an awesome, short and wide Freeride board that is suprisingly good at downhill. With a flat concave in front and W in back, variable wheel base, and lighter 8 ply of maple, this top mount board really flies. This board was designed by a freeride rider and made especially for freeride enthusiasts who also enjoy downhill.

This board will have a freeride/downhill mountains set up. It doesn't have much tail so you won't be popping any ollies with this board, but it will fly down a mountain road like a bullet.


Trucks: Paris 180mm trucks
Wheels: Restless Grindhouse 66mm wheels

*Truck & Wheel Colors May Vary*

Designer: desirae_hastings
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