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Custom Hoverboard Skateboard

The Hoverboard is the ultimate skateboard across all known timelines: past, present, and future. Every Hoverboard is levitated by hypercooled supermagnets and runs on a miniaturized ion fusion battery. Maximum flux for minimal space means this skateboarding unicorn gets around on a barely street legal 1.20 Gigawatts of power; 0.01GW from you breaking the time and coolness barrier. Any more power and we'd need to install a second strap. Removing the restrictor plates may cause damage to the fuel line and will void your warranty in both in the past and if you return back to the future.

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Our hoverboard is actually a hoverboard skateboard. We've specifically cut the exact shape of the hoverboard, dyed and painted the deck "hoverboard pink", and lined up the graphics and the hoverboard magnet graphics to be in line with the trucks. You are able to actually skate this hoverboard! The complete version of this hoverboard comes with 180mm Paris Trucks and Cult 66mm Classics.

Due to safety concerns Hoverboards are not recommended for children born after November 22nd, 1989 or any persons who have not viewed the following hoverboard safety video.

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Designer: johnjamesramer
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