Wholesale Skateboards & Longboards

Bulk Pricing

Traditional Heat Transfer Skateboards

Pricing is quoted per design. Shipping additional.

Options are mellow (color stained top) or steep (natural top) concave and any size between 7.5″ – 8.5″.

QuantityDiscount Price
2-9$53.99/deck (10% off)
10-24$50.99/deck (15% off MSRP)
25-49$41.99/deck (30% off MSRP)
50+Contact for pricing
Traditional UpgradesDiscount Price
Add black grip (installed)$8.00/grip
Add custom grip (uninstalled – shipping separately)$28.00/grip
Assembled complete – less than 100$70.00/deck
Unassembled complete – less than 100$65.00/deck
Completes – more than 100Contact for pricing

Smashbase Skateboards

Unlimited number of designs. Shipping additional.

Boards are mellow concave (natural top) and any size between 7.375″ – 8.5″.

QuantityDiscount Price
Smashbase UpgradesDiscount Price
Add black grip (installed)$8.00/grip
Add custom grip (installed)$31.00/grip
Add custom grip (uninstalled)$28.00/grip
Assembled complete$90.00/complete

How to Order

If you’d like to place a bulk order, please email us at support@whateverskateboards.com.