Wheel Guide

Skateboarders have different needs based on whether they skate park, street, downhill or just like to cruise.

Skateboard Wheel Basics

What is a Wheel’s Diameter?

The diameter of the wheel determines the size of the wheel. Smaller wheels offer slower ride, larger wheels offer faster, more balanced ride.


What is a Wheel’s Durometer?

The durometer determines the hardness of the wheel, the higher the number, the harder the wheel.  In general, the harder the wheel, the faster it will ride.  Softer wheels are slower because it has more grip.

Wheel & Hardware Recommendation by Skate Style / Deck

We have compiled a list of recommended wheels, sizes, and hardware based on each type of deck:

Skateboard – Park Deck Wheels & Hardware

Park deck wheels are generally harder giving more control to do tricks.
Wheel Sizes: 51mm-58mm
Durometer: 96A-101A
Trucks:  5.25 or 5.5

Skateboard – Street Deck Wheels & Hardware

Skating street requires going over rocks and pebbles on the street and sidewalks you need a softer wheel than the park decks.

Wheel Sizes: 56mm-58mm
Durometer: 88A-95A, recommend 87A
Trucks:  5.25 or 5.5

Longboard – Cruiser Deck Wheels & Hardware

Large wheels (60mm +) are great for longboarding, downhill, etc and are made for speed and rough surfaces.

Wheel Sizes: 65-76mm

Durometer: 78-87A, recommend 80A

Trucks:  180mm
Mounting hardware: 1, 1.25, 1.5