REVIEW! Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Official Review

Whatever Skateboard’s Official Review – Tony Flop Pro Skater 5

Tony Flop Pro Skater 5 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 is out and the results are in: its not good. You know its for real when die hard Tony Hawk fans like ourselves are bearing the bad news. The Tony Hawk hype machine had pumped this skating game up to 11 only to have it aggressively panned on social media and by critics. A quick read of comments on Tony Hawk’s Instagram lets you know how people feel. Sadly Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 doesn’t even let you design your own skateboard. And unfortunately for skaters this is the most recently released major skateboard game so there’s no real option but to buy it and complain :-( And that brings us to our Official Whatever Skateboards Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Review.

SCORE: 7.2 / 10 (NO BUENO)

What Does Whatever Skateboards Know About Skateboard Games?

For one we play the XBox One in our office constantly and we’ve logged some major hours designing our own skateboard in Skate 3 and Skate 4. While we don’t have an Official Whatever Skateboards Review of Olli Olli and Olli Olli 2 we’ve logged A LOT of hours on them and even have some of the global high scores. Not to mention several members of our team used to be game developers and had platinum hits so we’re not just parroting the rest of the reviews.

The Good: This Game Has Some Moments

As with any game you can see the developers and production team did try put their hearts in to it. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 shines during certain surprise and delight moments: putting the first weird head on your skater, popping beach balls in The Berrics pool, and even firing explosive rockets out of your skateboard. The subtle trick names as you clear gaps and grind rails are good for a smile and the quippy mission names are the same way. Some of the missions are better than others, and there are a few times the rides lines really are spectacular. Overall the stock levels are actually pretty fun and larger than we expected. Oddly enough one of the best parts of this game is the stupid Robomoto intro.

The Bad: Yikes

Our first office play session was hours long and we unlocked the third level. The next day we went to play again and all of our game data had been reset. That meant hours of replaying the missions and the complete lack of story (unlike THPS Underground) became painful. We bailed. We forced ourselves to pick it back up again. Every private match ended in a crashed game and needing an XBox One reboot. You can’t even switch Missions from within a Mission, you have to go all the way out to “Freeskate” mode even though the menu opens up. You hit the left menu button and the menu opens on the right of the screen. Hit the right menu button and the menu opens on the left side of the screen. In a nutshell this game is mentally painful to play.

The Ugly: This Game Is Actually Worse Than You Realize

This game does a bit of a disservice to gaming. Where the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater was innovative and moved gaming forward this game was a cold rehash of the Tony Hawk franchise. The best new move was stolen from Olli Olli and the “big new thing” is a multiplayer open world no one wants to be in. Given the years between the release of THPS4 and THPS5 this game should have been a glorious reboot of one of the last god-tier gaming franchises from the golden era of 32 and 64 bit gaming. Instead we got the Star Wars: Episode 1 of skateboard games. Everyone was hoping for a new version of an old classic but instead what we got was the same old game. There goes another unicorn :’-(

Tony Hawk Wins Womens SLS Championships The soundtrack is another great place to see something terribly wrong with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5: its all rock and punk. There’s no EDM, no dubstep, no hip hop, and no rap. The original soundtrack was incredible, this was huge chance to reboot it and instead what we got was a small can of TH approved music. We know he likes that stuff already, its not new to brand followers. And its certainly not in touch with modern music. Does the Hawk listen to anything but guitars? What about any other skaters in the game? Do they have ears and like music? We’ll never know.

Unlike the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater which had a bevy of famous skaters this version pretty much lets you pick from Tony Hawk, Tony Hawk Jr., and Tony Hawkette. Where the hell is Rodney Mullen, Evan Smith, Kilian Martin, or any female skaters? Why can’t I make my own face on a skater? Why can’t I skate my own skate? The original Tony Hawk Pro Skater went so far past Tony Hawk himself that it made him stand out as a remarkable individual in a community and finalized his status as a pop culture god. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 continues to celebrate the Tony Hawk legacy but never gets past the Tony Hawk brand enough to connect with anyone actually playing the game.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5In the end it felt like THPS5 was a game made for one person to play: Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 PROTIPS

  • Metacritic gave this a 1.5 / 5
  • Gamespot gave this a 3.0 / 10
  • Wait until much later or even after the holidays to get this game if you have to buy it the price will be much lower.

REVIEW! Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Remote Control Mini Skateboards

We got Tony Hawk Circuit Boards, the Remote Control Mini Finger Skateboards by Tony Hawk, Birdhouse, and HEXBUG!

You know we’re stoked on these remote control Tony Hawk Circuit Board skateboards, we wrote an earlier article on our blog before they were even released. BUT NOW WE HAVE THEM AND THEY ARE AWESOME. And after several days of not sleeping or eating and playing with them constantly we came to and decided these mini skateboards deserved an Official (capital O) Review.

SCORE: 9.2 / 10 with Skatepark (WORTH IT)

What’d We Get?

We got it all pretty much because we wanted every skateboard and skatepark. We have just about every possible skate, a bunch of power axels, loads of remotes, tons of trucks, wheels out the wazoo, and most importantly the FULL skatepark. Seriously, we kinda went nuts on things and it was a bit of a Christmas present for the office. We only managed to get a few pictures before we tore in to them like feral animals so here’s what we got:

Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Box 4

The Good

These are remote control finger / mini skateboards. We’ll say that one more time: Remote. Control. They are SO FUN. And they can cruise pretty seriously, we drove some of them outside 10+ city blocks on sidewalk and they go about as fast as you can walk. Incredibly fast. The battery life is great, we’ve been playing with them constantly and haven’t worn out a single poweraxel yet. They have some decent horsepower behind them so you can really get them going, especially in the skatepark features. Remember, they have two speeds! You can use the remote to trigger between them but we pretty much leave them on turbo boost 24/7.

The skatepark! The skates are fun on their own but the ramps, halfpipes, rails, and basically the entire skatepark setup makes the Tony Hawk Circuit Boards really shine. They’re sized perfectly for the deck size and they’re definitely doable. When you actually get the hang of going back and forth in the halfpipe there is a 100% chance you’ll wish you could skate vert that tough IRL. We *highly* recommend getting the full skatepark setup and not just one feature, (ramp, halfpipe, bowl, etc.) Its worth the few extra bucks to have a bunch of feature pieces to work with. Here’s one of our setups we call the “Megaramp”

The Bad

The bad list is actually pretty short, these were even better than we were expecting. If we could make a few wishes we’d wish for an ollie button and slightly longer range on the remotes controls. Also if we’re wishing we’d wish ourselves to be tiny so we could skate around on these things for realsies. If you’re getting two remotes get one that says CH1 on the front and one that says CH2 on the front so you’re not crossing the beams.

The Ugly

Just a warning but do not step on one of these and try to ride it “for science”. You will find yourself making an apology to the whole office as to why you broke the awesome new Tony Hawk Circuit Board.


Getting some Tony Hawk Circuit Boards? Here’s some pro tips we wanted to share in the review:

  • Get the full skatepark. Single features are cool but it is way more fun to have the full skatepark.
  • Save the boxes, they are good for blocking in the skatepark / halfpipe and raising up ramps.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • When trying to grind the rail come at the rail at a 45 degree angle until you’ve gotten good at it.
  • Get multiple poweraxels (power packs) and remotes. Make sure to get both CH1 and CH2 remotes.

Here’s a link to the official Tony Hawk Circuit Boards HEXBUG website if you want to obsess over remote control skateboards like us :-)

Get ‘Em on Amazon!

Skate 3 Review: You’re the Boss in Skate 3


Ever wanted to build your own skateboard company? With EA’s Skate 3, you can! Skate 3 is a continuation of the last 2 EA Skate games. Become your own boss and learn the ins and outs of the skateboard world. This time, you’ll enter the new city of Port Carverton, where you not only have the chance to build your own skateboard company, but also build a skate team, and advance your own skills.

Customize Your Own Deck

Build your own decks (just like you can do on our site!) and craft the look and feel of your team. Plenty of room for creativity here! In Skate 3, Port Carverton is made up of three different and fun districts, offering unique landscapes and designs. You can also attend “Skate School”, where you can refine your basics of skateboarding. Online gameplay is also awesome in Skate 3. Create your own amazing custom skate park and share it with your friends! Make money for your company when friends download your park. With the same controls as before but more levels of difficulty, a more polished look and feel, and the same incredible featured pro skateboarders, Skate 3 will keep you entertained for hours.

Decks on Decks on Decks

Probably the best part about Skate 3 is your ability to control all aspects of the game as you are the manager, boss, and creative director of your own brand and company. Here at Whatever Skateboards, we know the feeling. Our process of designing your own shortboard or longboard deck is simple, easy, and also fun! Not only are our decks the highest quality Canadian or North Eastern Maple, but like Skate 3, you can customize every single aspect to be exactly what you want. Feel free to get as imaginative and inspired as you wish. Use wild colors, pictures, designs, text, and logos! Keep your design private for yourself, make it public and share it with friends online, or even load your friends design and customize it some more! You’ll be riding in style in no time.