A Real Hoverboard Skateboard That Skaters Can Actually Shred

Whatever Skateboards is stoked to announce a real hoverboard skateboard that skaters can actually shred. The limited edition hoverboard skateboard launched today, just in time for October 21st, 2015. The Whatever Skateboards hoverboard skateboard has every detail perfected to pay homage to the original hoverboard and one of the greatest skateboarding scenes in pop culture. Get ready to shred through time on this hot pink neon speed demon with a custom grip design so rad it might get zapped back to the 80’s. But don’t worry; this hoverboard can always get back to the future. The magnets on the bottom graphic are lined up with the truck mounts to get 1.21 gigawatts of steez. This is a gourmet, limited edition, hoverboard skateboard only by Whatever Skateboards.

This hoverboard skateboard doesn’t hover but it is in the original shape and is one crazy skateboard deck. Clocking in with a 32″ length and 8.5″ width this is sized to ride. The nose is flat, wide, and round like a true old school 80s skateboard and the tail has that distinctly “vintage future” appeal with a hard square cut tail. The hoverboard deck is made from pro quality maple for a legit ride. The grip is Whatever Skateboards custom printed Jessup grip tape. It all comes together with the hot pink deck and the top graphic on the grip. The bottom graphic has strategically placed hoverboard magnets so the trucks line up perfectly. A complete setup comes with matching green Paris 180mm Trucks. The final tip of the hat from this glorious unicorn of a skateboard is in the wheels: of course hoverboard skateboards roll around on Cult Classics 66mm skateboard wheels. For those strict to canon there are no footstraps or handlebars.

The new hoverboard skateboard is at Whatever Skateboards but hurry up, the supplies are limited and this is a special edition skateboard. And while this may be back from the future the hoverboard skateboard makes the perfect present for any skater. This is one of the best new skateboarding gifts for the holidays and this is the hoverboard skateboard that skateboarders have always wanted. No road trip through skateboarding time and space is complete without the new Whatever Skateboards hoverboard skateboard. It is always recommended to wear a helmet and protective gear even when riding a hoverboard. Please take safety seriously and always be aware of DeLoreans on the road.

RIDE Channel Went Full Dot Com

RIDE Channel Just Exploded Out Of YouTube

We’ve been waiting a little while to give an update/review on this meganews because we wanted to see what’s what with the new RIDE Channel website. Obviously RIDE Channel, the Tony Hawk + YouTube megaventure and hothouse for skating vids, is one of the best YouTube channels period. If you’re watching skateboarding videos on the same Internet we’re on then you’ve been watching RIDE Channel. Example: the Tony Hawk “Perched” video. But RIDE broke out a new .com site recently and we weren’t quite sure what to expect or even what that would change. Turns out this opens up a whole new side to the RIDE.

Remember That Time Tony Hawk & Rodney Mullen Talked About Inventing Kickflips?

That was a RIDE Channel video.

Double RIDE Rainbow? What Does It Even Mean?

Tbh we weren’t sure at first either; it was mostly just the same vids from their YouTube channel. So we let it play out a little during their soft launch in late October. But now we’re in deep and in the past few weeks we’ve gotten a taste of what’s to come out of the new RIDE Channel website. The main thing that’s new: articles. Before RIDE was pretty much nothing but videos now we’re getting a heaping onslaught of senior skateboarding journalism.

Words Are Hard

No kidding, we just wrote this entire review. So thankfully RIDE is now letting loose some of their writers to take the reigns. So far the new skate news over there has run the entire spectrum from kicking up some dust to get riders sponsored to insightful commentary on the skateboarding industry to top 10 lists and re-posts of the vids you know from their YouTube channel. The best of the new stuff (no surprise here) is coming from from the old school skate writer vets. You’ll recognize some of the authors from the sneakerbeast that is Complex and you’re not going crazy: it’s because Tony Hawk partnered with Complex to launch this new side to RIDE. Special shoutout to the new stuff by Lucas Wisenthal who’s written work really shines on the new site.

Videos Are Still The Best Part of RIDE

The new articles are good but RIDE’s bread and butter is still the skating vids.

My Brain Hurts Tell Me What To Think About This Plz

TL;DR – the reviews are in and the RIDE Channel and Tony Hawk have done it again. The website is worth a visit to snag some of the written articles. Missed the link? Click here!

Rewards, Coins, Challenges, Coupons, and Skatey Bird, Oh My!

Rewards! Coins! Challenges! Coupons! Birds!

What’s up with Whatever Skateboards? REWARDS. THAT’S WHAT’S UP. We’ve launched our latest feature and we’re sure you’re gonna love it. Instead of searching all over the ‘net to find some Whatever coupons you can easily earn them right here on our site and flap your way to victory. We try to make work as fun as possible and show love to everyone on our site, we hope you enjoy the new feature. Here’s the breakdown:


We wanted to open a section of the site that rewards you, (yes you), and that means giving you a way to get more cool Whatever Skateboards stuff for less $$$. We’ve broken the Rewards in to a few sections. The basics are your earn coins to get coupons. You can earn coins by completing Challenges, sharing Whatever with your friends, clicking your friends posts, and playing our little game called Skatey Bird (just like Flappy Bird). Earn coins, get rewards, that easy!


Earn ’em. Spend ’em. That easy. You can get 10 coins daily from the games and sharing with friends. There is no limit to the coins you can earn from Challenges each day.


The easiest way to earn coins is to complete Challenges. You can help out friends, play the game, make designs, or any number of challenges.

Skatey Bird

We liked Flappy Bird so much we made our own! Fly the skate through the pillars, every 5th pillar is a Whatever Coin! You can earn a max of 10 Coins a day from Skatey Bird.


Had enough Flappy Bird, er ummmm we mean Skatey Bird? Time to cash in those coins. The best rewards and coupons always cost the most points but they’re easy to achieve with a little hard work, some help from friends, and a very nimble bird on a skate. You can earn up to 15% OFF ANYTHING! Woo hoo! We’ll of course be adding more rewards, prizes, and coupons as we go along. Enjoy!

Click here to check out the new Rewards!

Whatever Skateboards Has Launched!

We did it we really did it! After way too many late nights we are proud to announce the launch of Whatever Skateboards! Whatever allows you to create your own skateboard deck and put your own graphics on your deck. Trick everything out with some high quality wheels and you’ve got your own skateboard. No logos, no brands, just you. We couldn’t be more excited about allowing people to design their own skateboards and let’s be honest we might be the most excited about this of anyone. The pictures here are skateboards we just designed using our Whatever Skateboards design tool!

Here at Whatever Skateboards we no only are the only place you can put your own graphics on a premium skate but we are always trying to add more skateboard deck styles to our website. Right now we feature many different deck designs including a great assortment of skateboard decks across all price points. You can even design your own longboard or downhill board on our site!

We couldn’t be happier to have launched our site, (seriously, it took a lot of hard work to get all the technology right) and we’re stoked to show the world what we’ve been working on. Thanks again for your help and for checking out website, we excited to see what kind of custom skateboard you make!

Click here to design your own longboard or click here to design your own shortboard or use the navigation up top to pick out the perfect deck for your kickass skateboard design.