Nitro World Games 2018 Highlights

Here are the Finals Highlights from the Nitro World Games 2018: Alex Sorgente took 1st place at the Men’s Skate Park this weekend with 92 points. Ben Hatchell took 2nd (90 points) while Cory Juneau took 3rd (89 points)! For Women’s Skate Park, Lizzie Armanto took 1st place with 84.66 points, Kisa Nakamura took 2nd with 81.66 points, and Sakura Yosozumi took 3rd with 78.33 points! Finally, Moto Shibta took 1st place at Men’s Vert with 89 points. Elliot Sloan took 2nd with 87.66 points, and Jono Schwan took 3rd with 83 points! Here’s a short vid of the highlights from the Nitro World Games 2018:

Nitro World Games 2018: The Next Evolution in Action Sports

Nitro World Games 2018 is starting today right in Vista, CA! Check it out here and streamline on Facebook!!   Livestream on Facebook:

Street League Super Crown 2014 Finals Vid – Nyjah Huston is a Beast

Nyjah Huston is the 2014 SL World Tour Champ Because He Is a Unstoppable

In case you don’t get Internet under your rock the Street League Super Crown wrapped up and Nyjah Huston continued his complete domination of everything to become World Champion. Here’s the Transworld vid of the final for you to watch which is basically 2:30 of some of the most hardcore competitive skating out there.

Kinda Expected It

It wasn’t a surpise Nyjah pulled off the win; based on his performance this year so far he went in to this thing as the expected #1 having crushed the top spot at his previous events this year. And seriously he’s been on the top of the skate scene for what is basically an eternity so we’re not surprised. Big wins like this keep solidifying him as the all-time top earner in the pros. If you’re still under that rock don’t forget that he’s 19, he’s just getting started on a long, long career. There was some sick competition nipping at his heels all the way up through the finals, which makes the victory and the crown even more impressive.

Still Under That Rock?

If you are legit under a rock then here is Nyjah Huston’s Fade to Black so you can rejoin humanity. If you aren’t under a rock here is Nyjah Huston’s Fade to Black again so you can watch the opening grind and get warm fuzzies.