Badass tuck from his win at the Mt Tabor downhill challenge for @imchipwood @nathan503

Badass tuck from his win at the Mt Tabor downhill challenge for @imchipwood @nathan503 #downhilllongboarding #downhill #bombhills #bombhillsnotcountries #skateboard #skateboarding #mttabor #portland #oregon #tuck #speed #badass #winning #bombing #longboard #longboarding #skater #longboarder #nofear #whatever #whateverskateboards

Badass tuck from his win at the Mt Tabor downhill challenge for @imchipwood @nathan503 #downhilllongboarding #downhill #bombhills #bombhillsnotcountries #skateboard #skateboarding #mttabor #portland #oregon #tuck #speed #badass #winning #bombing #longboard #longboarding #skater #longboarder #nofear #whatever #whateverskateboards

Awesome downhill selfie with dope motion blur by @waynevn

Awesome downhill selfie with dope motion blur by @waynevn #longboarder #longboard #longboarding #downhillskateboarding #downhill #downhilllongboarding #selfie #gopro #fun #summer #skateboarding #skateboardingisfun #skateeverydamnday #longboardforlife #speed #motionblur #actionshot #california #riverside #socal #skateordie #sk8ordie #whatever #whateverskateboards

Awesome downhill selfie with dope motion blur by  @waynevn  #longboarder #longboard #longboarding #downhillskateboarding #downhill #downhilllongboarding #selfie #gopro #fun #summer #skateboarding #skateboardingisfun #skateeverydamnday #longboardforlife #speed #motionblur #actionshot #california #riverside #socal #skateordie #sk8ordie #whatever #whateverskateboards

Wow Liam Morgan SHREDS This Hill on His Downhill Longboard

If you downhill at all, even casually, you’re going to get tingles when you watch Liam Morgan SHRED this hill in So Cal (in Laguna, I think).

Talk about balls. He makes it look easy but it’s not at all. This hill is gnarly! Not to mention he bombs into these corners so fast with traffic possibly coming head on, and rips some slides so well and confidently you can tell he’s a pro. Do not try this at home. Unless of course, you’re Liam Morgan.

Gear Up to Slide Your Downhill Longboard with Slide Wheels

If you want to learn to slide downhill longboards make sure you do it safely. First, pick up a pair of slide gloves, a nice helmet, some pads, and some slide wheels from our online shop. GEAR UP because you’re going to fall at least a few times! It’s easy to slide out onto your butt if you lean too much. Generally, you want a nice long board for a wide balanced stance but not so long that you can’t maneuver it (I like a 36″-39″ range, shorter for street, longer for downhill). Gas pedals (the spots where the board juts out along the toe and heel) help you get that little bit extra torque pushing your weight deeper in the turn to get it to slide. Of course, a nice deep concave is nice to sink your feet down into the board and get as much grip as possible.

Design Your Own Custom Longboard and Slide in Style!

It depends if you want more street or downhill style boards, but for me (I like a little of both), the best downhill slide boards from the current Whatever Longboards selection are:

Pick up your custom deck and get shreddin’!

Our Downhill Longboarding Ladies Strike Again!

O2 – #YouCanDo from henanX on Vimeo.

O2 (Telef√≥nica Europe) has just released their latest full-length commercial and guess who’s featured? That’s right, our Whatever Skateboards riders Alessandra Koenig & Leticia Nobreza! This was filmed in Malibu, CA on one of the gnarliest downhill rides on the entire West Coast. Sorry boys; this shoot was for professionals only. Shot over the course of several days with a trained cameraman (props), on-site support staff including fellow Whatever rider Suigo Revilla, kickass Whatever Skateboards gear, and of course proper downhill safety equipment this was the real deal. You can only get this kind of downhill skate footage by doing it up right and the end result is incredible. You can catch Alessandra & Leticia shredding at @0:11 and @0:30 and then Ale showing the camera some skateboard modeling love @0:45.

Ridin’ Whatever

Whatever Skateboards Riders Alessandra and Leticia, Tearing Up Malibu on Custom Longboards

Details & Behind the Scenes

The ad campaign hashtag is #YouCanDo but it is going to be tough to do it better than our two riders. If you’ve seen them in other commercials, skate vids, and ad campaigns you know Alessandra and Leticia are professional models and skaters. No stranger to a crazy SoCal shred these girls are *the* definition of girl power. They were backed by an amazing crew and thankfully the only injury was a nice raspberry on the last day, (someone won’t be sitting down for a while!) This particular run in Malibu is not for the faint of heart. Remember, if you’re going to be doing serious downhill runs like this be careful; these are professional riders on a closed course.

Many thanks to O2 and their 2014 campaign “Start Doing (Mach Es)”, (don’t forget the hashtag, #YouCanDo). Also serious shoutouts to international creative agency VCCP and all their creative crew.


To celebrate our kickass riders and their latest projects we’re offering a 15% off until May 1 using the coupon code YOUCANDO. So get out there and design your own skateboard and support our riders!

Want to help our riders save the world? Alessandra is not just a Whatever rider and professional model she also runs her own non-profit! Help her charity Echo give children in Peru access to sanitary kits so they can have clean water and education about proper hygiene.


Client: O2
Campaign: 2014 – Start Doing (Mach Es) – LTE, Roaming, Brand
Agency: VCCP
Creative Director: Oliver Frank
Producer: Katharina Thoma
Filmproduction: Cobblestone Berlin GmbH
Director: Nico Beyer
Producer: Juri Wiesner
On-Site Skate Supervisor & Rider Support: Suigo Revilla
Music Supervisor & Licensing Services: henanX
Song Artist: Pharrell Williams
Song Title: Marilyn Monroe
Full Link:

Whatever Skateboards Has Launched!

We did it we really did it! After way too many late nights we are proud to announce the launch of Whatever Skateboards! Whatever allows you to create your own skateboard deck and put your own graphics on your deck. Trick everything out with some high quality wheels and you’ve got your own skateboard. No logos, no brands, just you. We couldn’t be more excited about allowing people to design their own skateboards and let’s be honest we might be the most excited about this of anyone. The pictures here are skateboards we just designed using our Whatever Skateboards design tool!

Here at Whatever Skateboards we no only are the only place you can put your own graphics on a premium skate but we are always trying to add more skateboard deck styles to our website. Right now we feature many different deck designs including a great assortment of skateboard decks across all price points. You can even design your own longboard or downhill board on our site!

We couldn’t be happier to have launched our site, (seriously, it took a lot of hard work to get all the technology right) and we’re stoked to show the world what we’ve been working on. Thanks again for your help and for checking out website, we excited to see what kind of custom skateboard you make!

Click here to design your own longboard or click here to design your own shortboard or use the navigation up top to pick out the perfect deck for your kickass skateboard design.